Carriers halt Samsung Galaxy Note 7 sales in Australia amid concerns over faulty battery

Carriers halt Samsung Galaxy Note 7 sales in Australia amid concerns over faulty battery
Samsung is definitely in a tough spot now since reports claim the South Korean company is about to issue a recall order for all Galaxy Note 7 units shipped until now.

As many of you probably know, at least two Galaxy Note 7 units have exploded recently while charging, which might be an insignificant number compared with the number of devices Samsung has already sold.

However, when it comes to the safety of its customers, Samsung is determined to take all the necessary precautions no matter the costs. Speaking of costs, the South Korean company lost no less than $7 billion in value since the shipments of Galaxy Note 7 are on hold.

Moreover, a new report coming from South Korea claims Samsung will make an announcement later today, concerning the recall of the Galaxy Note 7 devices.

But until then, some Australian carriers have decided that it's better not to wait until Samsung issues that recall order and paused sales of the Galaxy Note 7, possibly after being advised by the South Korean handset maker.

All three major carriers in the country (Telstra, Vodafone and Optus) confirmed they are no longer selling the Galaxy Note 7 and that the phablet will be pulled from shelves temporarily.

“We are talking to Samsung to understand more about the reports and as a precaution we have paused Galaxy Note 7 sales. We will contact existing owners directly if we learn there is an issue affecting their phones,” said a Telstra rep.

Vodafone and Optus issued similar statements adding that customers with concerns about their Galaxy Note 7 smartphone can visit their nearest stores to discuss their options.

Samsung confirmed that it's “conducting a thorough inspection with our partners” and that it “will share the findings as soon as possible.” But until then, sales of the Galaxy Note 7 have been paused while the company investigates the said battery issues.

source: EFTM

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