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Burned remains of a Huawei device spotted in the wild

Burned remains of a Huawei device spotted in the wild
Let's get one thing straight -- smartphoneshavebeenexplodingforyears. Sure, such incidents are typically rare, and mostly involve fake or otherwise low-quality batteries, cables and or handsets. Samsung has brought the issue to the fore with its Note 7, a device that was poised to become the firm's bestselling high-end phablet but instead finds itself in a one-horse race to the Tech Fail of the Year award. Amid the Note 7's exploding battery shitstorm, we've also heard of other devices suspiciously going up in smoke, including a OnePlus One and several other handsets from Samsung's collection. Now, Huawei has apparently joined the party. 

Not that it is much of a party. With several major releases said to be in the pipeline, a not-so-timely explosion has occurred of a Huawei handset in the firm's native China. It's suspected that the device in question is the P8 -- the predecessor to this year's Leica camera-packing P9 flagship. The pictures of the crispy, charred handset that have emerged on Weibo don't include any additional information, so at this point, there's no reason for Huawei or its device owners to panic. 

If Huawei had a legitimate problem with the P8, we'd surely have heard more by now. The device launched all the way back on April of last year, and with the numerous cases of fake explosions that Samsung has had to deal in recent times, this could well be another instance of folks looking to take advantage. 

We'll keep an eye out for any further developments with this story. In the meantime, if you do own a Huawei device, there's no need to worry for the time being. 

source: Phone Radar
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