OnePlus One bursts into flames while charging in India

OnePlus One bursts into flames while charging in India
After the recent explosion of a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in China, India-based Twitter user Deepak Gosain has shared images of a very well-cooked OnePlus One. According to Gosain, he left the device charging next to him while he slept, only to be awoken by the sight of his smartphone up in flames. 

The device was apparently on charge for around two hours before it proceeded to combust. Where the explosion of the Note 7 and numerous other cases of this nature can often be attributed to some kind of faulty, third-party cable or battery, this doesn't seem to have been the case here. Gosain tells PhoneArena that he has "never used any other charger," which means that potentially — and worryingly — this incident could repeat itself. 

Having taken his device to a service center, Gosain was told he could get a replacement in the form of a brand-new OnePlus 3. However, he's instead seeking monetary compensation — the amount of which remains undisclosed — and an Apple iPhone. 

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