Chinese cell phone explodes in man’s pocket

Chinese cell phone explodes in man’s pocket
Mr. Thanit Phongsee is a 55-year-old businessman from Bangkok that got quite a surprise when his cell phone exploded in his shirt pocket.

Mr. Thanit said he originally bought the phone because it was cheap and he could use it with 3 sim cards. He purchased the phone over a year ago for 3,000 THB, which is about $97 in US currency, and hasn’t had any problems prior to the incident. He claims he charged the device as usual the night before and when he was having lunch the following day, the handset exploded in his pocket without warning. While his shirt was burnt, Mr. Thanit was very fortunate that he was not injured in the incident.

Mr. Thanit states that he plans on suing the phone manufacturer, MTM. A representative from MTM said that they would like to speak with Mr. Thanit, but they suspect he was either using a non-standard battery or left the device exposed to prolonged sunlight that caused the overheating and explosion.

source: PDN

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