ASUS teases about its upcoming smartwatch, possible announcement scheduled for September 3?

Several days ago, we told you that according to some rumors ASUS will lift the veil off of its own Android Wear smartwatch at an event at this year's IFA. Well, these speculations just got seemingly confirmed, as ASUS posted a unambiguous teaser on its Twitter account, which clearly reveals that the company will officially announce a smartwatch on September 3.

As per the teaser image, this ASUS-made smartwatch will neither make use of the square-ish looks of the LG G Watch/Samsung Gear Live nor the appealing circular form factor of the Moto 360, which will probably be announced at IFA, too. The shape of ASUS' wearable itself is just slightly hinted, but we can say that it will most probably feature some vaguely arched edges. The shape of the display is yet to be seen, but we guess that it might employ the boxy shape, similar to the already released Android Wear troopers.

We know little to nothing about the hardware features of the device. However, more than a month ago, the chairman of ASUS itself - Jonney Shih - revealed something something about the smartwatch his company is prepping. It was said that it will flaunt the whole bag of features that we've already seen in the G Watch and the Gear Live, thus the so-called "hero product" will rely on its exterior design and form factor so as to attract potential users. The pricing of the device will play a key role, too - as we've heard numerous times, the gadget will most probably retail between $99 and $149. As a side comparison, a Moto 360 will most likely fetch a $249 price tag

Any thoughts?

source: @ASUS via GSMDome



1. ManusImperceptus

Posts: 724; Member since: Jun 10, 2014

How about an independent watch OS, that could pair with whatever OS your smartphone might be running? Now, THAT would have a truly broad appeal...!

2. sgodsell

Posts: 7679; Member since: Mar 16, 2013

The problem with that is for each mobile platform. You would have to have an app on the phone running that would get all the emails, text messages, and other notifications packaged and sent to the watch. Now you have to create something that will allow the user to limit certain notifications to the watch. What about responses from the watch? How will they interact with the user. Are you going to use voice, or a touch screen, or buttons like on the pebble. What type of responses and to what specifically? Every platform has their differences. Not to mention different services Gmail, Facebook, Outlook, BBM, ..... They can look and can act different on different platforms. Personally for now. I think each platform should make there own. This way you can see what each one will bring to the table. I have a number of smart watches myself. I started with the original Sony Smartwatch, Pebble, Gear Neo, Gear Live, and LG G watch. I plan on getting a Moto 360 as well. I think most people have bought into a specific platform already. So the vast majority don't jump around from platform to platform. If you want the most smart watches on a platform today. Then it is Android hands down already.

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