Moto 360 Best Buy listing shows Texas Instruments CPU and $249 price tag

Moto 360 Best Buy listing shows Texas Instruments CPU and $249 price tag
Motorola has been very tight-lipped when it comes to the Moto 360, and even refused to answer the majority of questions that we had during the hands-on time at Google I/O. However, with the announcement of the device apparently about two and a half weeks away, it's time for the leaks to give us all the info we want. And, Best Buy wants to be the source for all the info you might want on the Motorola Android Wear device.

Probably the most requested bit of info is the price, and Best Buy has the Moto 360 listed for $249, which is the same price that was leaked a while back with a Motorola promotion, and also the same price that Motorola denied. The Best Buy listing goes on to give the features and specs that are standard on Android Wear devices, like Bluetooth 4.0, compatibility with Android 4.3+, and a microphone for voice commands; and, the features we already knew about the Moto 360, like the ambient light sensor, stainless steel casing, and leather strap.

But, there is also quite a bit of info that we didn't know or hadn't been confirmed. The biggest surprise there is that the Moto 360 is that the watch CPU is listed as a Texas Instruments processor, though all of the rumors had said it would be a Snapdragon 400, like the LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Live. A TI processor would also be surprising because the company publicly exited the mobile space two years ago. The display is listed as am LCD measuring 1.5-inches diagonally (which is an odd measurement for a round display); and, the screen has a resolution of 320 x 290, with the vertical a bit shorter because of the black bar at the bottom that hides the ambient light sensor and display drivers. 

The watch itself is about the same size as the LG G Watch in terms of thickness (0.4-inches/10mm) and weight (2.1oz/59.5g). The Moto 360 is said to measure 1.8-inches in diameter and is water resistant up to 3.3 feet for 30 minutes, which is the same as the LG G Watch, so we'd assume that means an IP67 rating. Inside, there is 512MB of storage, but the RAM is not listed. The listing also confirms the plastic back, the heart rate monitor, and the internal pedometer. 

The 360 is also said to include Wireless N, which would be another first for an Android Wear device, and would theoretically allow the 360 to work without being connected to a phone, if there is Wi-Fi accessible. While it would be awesome to have a bit of independence from a connected smartphone, we're taking this info with a big grain of salt, and will have to reserve judgement on that until it is confirmed by Motorola. The only info we haven't gotten from the listing is in regards to the battery. There is no word of the battery capacity, so we can't say anything about battery life. 

source: Best Buy

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