Google I/O 2023: How to watch and what to expect?

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Google I/O is one of the most important tech events of the year, and for a good reason. It often serves as a venue for major software announcements, including new versions of Android. Sometimes users are also treated with previews of upcoming Google hardware.

This year will not be any different. With Google I/O 2023 practically hours away, we have compiled everything there is to know about the company’s developer conference. So if you are interested in learning more about this year's Google I/O, what to expect from the event and how you can watch it in real time, you have come to the right place. 

Google I/O 2023: How to watch?

Google I/O 2023 will take place tomorrow on May 10, 2023 and will be open to everyone online, with in-person attendance being limited. The main keynote will begin at 13:00 ET (10:00 PT) and will be streamed live on YouTube and Google's official website. Furthermore, all materials will be available on demand following the event’s conclusion. You can also follow Google I/O through our extensive coverage here at PhoneArena.

Google I/O 2023: What to Expect?

Software Announcements

In terms of software, we expect two major announcements: Android 14 and Google’s ChatGPT competitor - Bard. According to some sources, Google will focus more on the latter in an effort to showcase its advances in AI. For the time being, we know relatively little about the upcoming version of Google’s OS, but it looks like Android 14 will be a somewhat incremental update.

Google Pixel 7a  

On the hardware front, the Pixel 7a, Google’s entry-level smartphone for 2023, will certainly be making an appearance. Based on most rumors, the Pixel 7a could come equipped with a plethora of upgrades, including a Tensor G2 chipset, 6GB of RAM, a 50MP primary camera and a 90Hz panel.

Google Pixel Tablet

We are also expecting the announcement of the Pixel Tablet, which Google teased last year. There have been mixed reports on the specifications of the device. Some rumors indicate that the Pixel Tablet will be a mid-range device, while others - that it will feature high-end internals. Regardless of which scenario materializes, we know Google will also release a charging dock alongside the Pixel Tablet.

Google Pixel Fold

Lastly, and perhaps most interestingly, we could finally see Google’s long awaited debut on the foldable market - the Google Pixel Fold. A recent report confirms this and reveal a number of interesting details about the device. 

Based on leaked renders, we expect the notepad-style foldable to have somewhat different dimensions than the ones of its main competitor, the Galaxy Z Fold 4. The Pixel Fold could come with a 7.57-inch primary screen and a 5.79-inch cover screen, both of which with 120Hz refresh rates. The foldable will likely be powered by Google’s Tensor G2 and could potentially be much cheaper than Samsung’s Fold 4.

It should be noted that Google has the tendency to reveal bits of information about upcoming products that are still in relatively early stages of development. Hence, in all likelihood, we will also be getting some sort of surprise teaser as well.

Google I/O 2023: What not to Expect?

Given that the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro made their debuts less than half a year ago, it is safe to say we are not expecting a new Pixel flagship lineup. Additionally, launches of new wearables and earbuds are also not particularly likely. A Google AR/VR headset announcement is also not in the cards.

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