LG Renoir Review
This review has been updated on 24 October 2008


Have you ever thought about how the touch phones came in style? Many consider the iPhone as the revolutionary model of this new movement, but LG rightly reminds us that their PRADA came along before the iPhone was introduced Today, we’ll take a look at the Renoir KC910, which is the latest entry in LG’s touchscreen lineup. Successor to the Viewty, the Renoir is a powerful multimedia device with a top-notch camera, hence named after the famous French artist. In addition to the high-quality video DivX codec, we now have XviD support. The features now include Wi-Fi and GPS as well.


This particular design attracts peoples’ attention; the consumer is still fascinated with the very idea of a keyless device which is relatively new and reminds us of a futuristic movie. Design wise, the Renoir will not have as many followers as the PRADA and Giorgio Armani, but it will be an appetizing bite nevertheless. The “glass” face, the shiny sides and the jagged back which is made of miniature circles make it a much more attractive device than Samsung’s Pixon. You can feel those circles by running a finger across the surface and that pattern adds an interesting light reflecting effect to the phone. The only thing we are not happy with is its weight. The Renoir doesn’t feel too solid in a hand, making it appear cheap. On the other hand, this is very nice when you carry it in your pocket.

You can compare the LG Renoir with many other phones using our Size Visualization Tool.

Everything has a price. The compact size of the Renoir results in a smaller display in contrast to the competition. Although it is large compared to most phones, the 3” screen of the device is still a step behind the Pixon (3.2”) and the iPhone (3.5”) and that will affect the video watching and the Internet surfing experience. It has a standard widescreen resolution (240x400 pixels) and it supports 262k colors. Nowadays, almost all displays produce a nice image indoors but some of them cannot be used in bright daylight. The Renoir is usable if you look at it directly, but at an angle it becomes a mirror.

All touch displays have to be sensitive enough and user-friendly. Like the Viewty, the Renoir uses resistive touchscreen technology which makes the screen responsive to any type of object. It is definitely better than PRADA’s but is still a step behind the leaders in this aspect. If you’re an iPhone user, you’ll most likely be disappointed that the display responds better to pressure as opposed to touch only. In case you haven’t played with the “Cuppretino wonder”, you’ll still notice that something is not right. In contrast to the PRADA and Armani however, you will not have any troubles operating the phone despite pressing hard.

The buttons below the screen couldn’t be any better. They are easy to press and feel by touch and look very good. We don’t like their shape, but that’s a matter of personal preference. All other buttons are located on the right side and are very easy to use, except the lock key. It is almost level with the surface and has a very short drive, which makes it hard to operate. Its design is intended to prevent accidental activation, but we would have preferred a sliding switch.

Just like the rival Pixon the lens protrudes from the back, and when placed on a table the phone is thicker than the advertised 13.8mm. The ring surrounding the lens is also used as a closing/opening mechanism for the lid. This is a very good solution, but we still prefer the automatic ones like in the Pixon and INNOV8.

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26. Karim O. unregistered

this is not a good phone at all, touchscreen is very cheap and very slow and unresponsive. lg only managed to make a good camera, thats it. i bought this junk for 160 dollars and the sound was screwed up in 1 month, i will never buy LG again. i get better preformance from a nokia or samsung. tried to install a few java apps, catastrophe. my personal rating camera-10 func.-5 sound-5 phone-6

25. RAMG

Posts: 4; Member since: Apr 26, 2010

Holy sh... These ratings are foken unjust!

24. kronos1

Posts: 12; Member since: Feb 16, 2009

Ok this is probably the best camera 8mpx of couple of phone that l have used lately it beats Pixon,c905,in terms of still shoots,and touch screen is one of most responsive even better then pixons, wifi comes like a charm,so if u want fast and good capable camera phone l recomeded this one.

23. N95ER

Posts: 2; Member since: Dec 10, 2008

Well I'm upgrading my N95 in jan' 09. My choices have been narrowed down to three phones, the LG renoir, samsung pixon and the samsung omnia. After reading the above review I thought "Well that's the LG off my list, that narrows it down!" but then I read the user reviews and find myself back to the start again. Out of the three phones mentioned, which would you advise me to go for. All advise welcome as I'm totally stuck! Thanks.

22. unregistered

I have found this phone to be much better in almost all respects to my Viewty, I think this review by phonearena is contrived.

21. mushymallow unregistered

Reviews these days are getting more and more bias. Better off trying the phone yourself and make the decision. Never trust what others says until you really get your hands on it. That is the way with touchscreen phone!!!

20. unregistered

In my point of view Im 100% sure that samsung paid you money to let this phone down. [2]

17. jonesdude unregistered

Had it 4 days, mixed opinions. Texting tricky on screen but getting better with practice. Had 10 years practice on "button" phones, 4 days on touch screen. Video problems. Plays some divx files, rejects some. Same with xvid. Don't know why yet. Should really play any divx/xvid as it says it supports them. Video camera, audio and video out of sync. Makes it useless for any decent movie shots. Orange have changed appearance of home screen and logos. Removed GPS Maps in favour of their, chargeable and not operational yet, "Orange Maps" They too have added 5 non deletable bookmarks. The built in browser i found very difficult to click on any link, repeatedly poking at the screen with nothing happening. And the press-hold to zoom percentage seems completely random, unless i haven't figured it out. I've installed Opera Mini instead. Camera seems good, though does not save straight to memory card, despite setting it to do so in Memory Manager and Camera Settings. PC suite software is terrible. Best to change usb settings to Mass storage mode and add files by drag & drop. On the whole it's a pretty cool phone, just the niggling details, i'm going to stick with it. Maybe there will be updates to help the lack of full divx/xvid support. Anyone else tried changing their divx files to suit it, i.e. audio codecs or bit rates/video resoulutions?

18. unregistered

Use ImToo 3GP converter > avi (divx) for files it can't paly.

19. UnbiasedReview unregistered

Hello All, I am writing from South East Asia and currently using a Renoir as part of my 2 week evaluation for LG in my country. After this 2 weeks, I will be entitled to purchase the phone at a steep discount off the MSRP. Let me be upfront and state that I do not have a competing set, Pixon or Innov8 from Samsung to compare the Renoir to. In my last 1 week of using the Renoir, I can report an overall positive experience with it. There are several areas that the phone falls short in, namely in the user friendliness of the UI. However, for a high tech device such as this, it is an acceptable compromise. It fits my usage to a T as I do not demand a full fledged WinMobile phone and the basic function set is adequate for everyday work and play. Let me get to the point to say that this review is biased against the Renoir and I can say in no uncertain terms that my own experience with the phone is 90% positive. For a more unbiased review, I would head over to GSM Arena instead. I for one, will definitely be buying this phone.

16. unregistered

I did the rating calculation for this phone it should be 8/10 If you notice the calculation for Pixon is 9/10 which is (wrong) it should be the same 8/10 that really means this site love samsung and hate LG..

15. electric_3000 unregistered

If i didnt know any better id think this 'review' was a comparison between the Renior and the pixon. It is very biased towards the pixon. Im still gunna get the Renior tho, a Xenon flash is 10x better than a shitty little LED one.. pffft! GO RENIOR! :-D

14. martix unregistered

LG does not really convincing phone! Varna is good!

13. Egyptian unregistered

oh my god in this review you said this software like pixon ,you mean the same software gow its not good and pixon is very fast and very excelent i think its bad review from you and you are not judge

12. unregistered

Renoir is 150x better that Pixon...but when $@# people are reviewing we cant do anything................

11. unregistered

please guys don't trust this review!! untrusted website..

10. igor911 unregistered

What is this? You're trying to tell me that Viewty is better that Renoir??? Are you nuts???

9. unregistered

and the problem is the viewty got 9/10 do you mean that this mobile is worse than the viewty? from what I can see that its better than the the viewty in almost every thing! P.S. I think if the Pixon wasnt there the reviewer might give this mobile more than the viewty. And it is very obvious that he is over impressed by the Pixon.

7. dontbebiased unregistered

ratings on 'camera' lg secret:Resolution 7 Quality 6 Features, Comfort 7 samsung soul:Resolution 10 Quality 7.5 Features, Comfort 8 both with 5 mp. wat da? others review the secret with very good camera and even the best video capabilities, why is the rating so low. oh my. what is wrong with phone arena. atsk

8. unregistered

And also Secret's video cam has much higher resolution and frame count.... why so low? I don't know.

6. unregistered

I have the Secret and i can assure it's a very good camera phone, phonearena has rated it 5

5. Vaan unregistered

No it's probably because of the phones, if they are so biased why did they give some of the other LG phones a 9 such as the the shine?

4. unregistered

You can see the Secret phonearena review and all will be clear...don’t like LG?

3. Vaan unregistered

As I expected LG's only good with specsheets, they just fall short of software and the ui friendliness.

2. unregistered

In my point of view Im 100% sure that samsung paid you money to let this phone down. whats wrong with you!! lets face the reality.. everything is negative on this phone! no way..

1. Magiclink unregistered

Where is the test of the GPS?
  • Display 3.0 inches
    400 x 240 pixels
  • Camera 8 MP (Single camera)
  • Storage 0.12GB, microSDHC
  • Battery 1000 mAh

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