LG Glimmer Review
This is a CDMA phone offered with Alltel.

Following the current trend for touch-sensitive phones, the LG Glimmer is the first non-smartphone for Alltel Wireless to incorporate a large 2.8” touch display and sliding numeric keypad to attract consumers that might be swayed into buying a similar device elsewhere, such as the LG Voyager, and Vu, or even the iPhone. It has an upscale appearance thanks to its monochromatic charcoal gray exterior and brushed metal battery cover.

The Retail Package includes:

A data cable is not included, but any microUSB cable can be used with the device.


The Glimmer is constructed mostly out of charcoal gray plastic around the display, sides, and keypad, with the exception of the metal battery cover. Because of this, it has a very solid feel, more so than the Venus, but comes at the cost of weighing 0.7oz more. This extra weight can easily be felt while the phone is in your hand or pants pocket, but is still less noticeable than the Voyager. Located on the right side are the microUSB port, 2.5mm headset jack, as well as the camera button and volume rocker, with the hold button being on the left side. All external buttons operate well, provide a good “click” response, and are easy to feel with your finger. The 2MP camera and flash are located on the back, next to the hidden memory card slot. It only accepts up to 4GB microSD cards, and is inconveniently positioned under the battery cover, but does allow for hot-swapping without having to turn the device off.

You can compare the LG Glimmer to many other phones, using PhoneArena's Visual Size Compare tool.

On the front is the 2.8” diagonal 240x400 pixel touch-sensitive TFT display with 262K color support. As with other LG phones that incorporate a touchscreen, the one on the Glimmer is pressure sensitive, meaning that you can use your finger, the included stylus, or even a pen cap as the input method. It operates well and has a useful calibration setting to increase accuracy, but does not allow you to adjust the sensitivity level directly. The display is bright, with good contrast and sharpness, so that images and text will look their best under normal lighting conditions. However, while used in direct sunlight, the display is dark and unable to be viewed, which is also true for most phones today. This is unfortunate, as the display is the main means of operating the device and should be viewable regardless of the surrounding lighting conditions.

Sliding the phone open and closed is easy, as the mechanism is spring-loaded and provides fluid movement. Once opened, the Glimmer reveals the internal 16-key dialpad, which can be used for entering phone numbers or typing messages. It is easy to use, as it offers good tactile feel, with raised separators between the keys and a bright white backlight.



1. aaronsytrey unregistered

i just ordered this phone yesterday...i am looking for it to be here tomorrow...i am very excited about getting it and once i get it i will post another comment to show what i think of this phone

2. unregistered

VZW is getting this phone!

3. unregistered

U.S cellular also carries it. bought it today. awesome phone! :)

4. holymadness unregistered

Can the reviewer clarify this comment: "Luckily, the Glimmer also supports the use of microSD memory cards, but only up to 4GB in size (not SDHC cards)." I was under the impression that ALL microSD cards with capacities of 4gb or larger were in High Capacity format. From Wikipedia: "As of March 2008, microSD cards are available in capacities from 64 MB to 8 GB. Sandisk is working on the 16 GB version, which is expected in late 2008. Cards 4 GB and larger are only available in the newer SDHC format."

5. holymadness unregistered

Question answered by an LG rep: "The unit will support up to 2 GB MicroSD or 4 GB MicroSDHC."

6. sCooP OR GliMMEr unregistered

Hi, my contract is up soon and I was wondering if I should get the Scoop or the Glimmer? I would really appreciate some opinions and facts! thank you

7. Guest unregistered

Glimmer for sure, the Scoop doesn't have a touchscreen and unless your a big texter and you like the keyboard on the scoop you should get the Glimmer. Other Pros include awesome music player, accurate touchscreen, and good image quality. If you get the Glimmer make sure you update your software right away. The reason for this is because it has an ascending ringer problem, it stays quite for too long. But after you update all will be well. Also, if you like taking pictures and video buy a 2 or 4 Gig card for it. You won't regret buying the Glimmer.

9. sCooP OR GliMMEr unregistered

Hi, thanks for your help, I am most deffinetly getting the Glimmer. THANKS!

12. LeeAnn unregistered

I would say the Glimmer or the Rhythm - the Scoop is THE WORST!!! I had it for 2 days and took it back because I hated it that much - and I have heard the same from a lot of people. I have the Rhythym and LOVE it and a friend loves her Glimmer. It just depends on if you want the touch screen or not. :)

8. GKB unregistered

I have a Glimmer - love it. Did the software update for the ringer and now I have a problem with my texting. Every now and then it throws random words in (possibly from previous texts) at the end of my sent text and also my signature disappears. Any suggestions?

11. bishopgk unregistered

I am having the same problem, but when I called Alltel they said they have never heard of such an issue. I just don't have the time to stand in a store for 4 hours to see if they can help me. It is a bit entertaining with the random words thrown in, but getting old. I agree it is from previous texts, too. Alltel's only suggestion was to keep the old texts deleted, but it did it again with only 4 old texts on my phone.

10. I am going to get a new phone unregistered

Hi, my contract expires soon and I was wondering if I should get the LG Voyager or the LG Glimmer. I would also like to know if there is a difference in the quality of the touch screens. I would really appreciate the opinions! Thanks!!

13. jordan weber of marshfield wis unregistered

i curently have a blackberry curbe the latest one and i hate it and i am ordering the lg glimmer later this week and i cant wait this site really help out with all the great pictures thakz sooo much jordan weber
  • Display 2.8" 240 x 400 pixels
  • Camera 2 MP
  • Storage 0.128 GB
  • Battery 800 mAh(3.50h talk time)

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