GSM Cameraphone Comparison Q4 2008
This article has been updated on November 3, 2008, adding Sony Ericsson C905 and Nokia N82.

Unless you’ve been living in a cave for the past few years you have probably noticed that the camera has become one of the key selling points of feature phones. More and more customers are focusing asking “How many megapixels“ before they inquire about anything else. However, as we found out in our cameraphone article, the resolution does not necessarily determine the quality of the pictures, only their size. In a crowded market place of 8 megapixel shooters things can get complicated because, at least in theory, the results should not be much different. Nevertheless, specs are nothing but numbers on a piece of paper and a camera’s true quality is only shown in results. With another big name entry into the 8 megapixel market, the Sony Ericsson C905, and since the results of our last showdown were less than impressive, we’ve decided to broaden our scope and add the winner of our 5-megapixel comparison, the Nokia N82 as well as a point-and-shoot camera.

Here you will see:

• Samsung Pixon
• Samsung INNOV8
• LG Renoir
• Sony Ericsson C905*
• Nokia N82
• and Canon SD870 IS – an 8-megapixel pocket camera with no phone capabilities.

*The tested C905 is a press sample provided by Sony Ericsson. If we get a newer version with better performance, we'll update our comparison.

We will test and see how the phones perform in various environments: bright daylight, when the flash is needed, capturing illuminated objects at night and close-ups (macro). In each category, besides the original photos (without any image processing) we will show you a 100% crop as well, which will make it easier to compare the quality of the images from the different cameraphones. This will also allow for a more comprehensive inspection of the detail level and the color reproduction as well.

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35. gigaraga

Posts: 1454; Member since: Mar 29, 2013

Samsung Pixon! Can't believe phones back then were not bad~~

33. Andrewtst

Posts: 697; Member since: Jan 25, 2009

After testing the LG Renoir and Samsung Pixon, I choose Samsung Pixon, samsung pixon produce better color and clarity and respond faster compared with LG Renoir. GSMArena is updates the samsung pixon camera review, it seems the final device produce better and wins the most. Latest notes mention by GSMArena about Samsung Pixon: "Update 05 Dec: These comparative photos once again confirm our initial observations. The Samsung M8800 Pixon has very good contrast levels and together with the INNOV8 much better color accuracy than the LC KC910 Renoir. Furthermore both Samsung handsets have none of the excessive sharpening artifacts that are easily visible on the LG KC910 Renoir photos. On the negative side the amount of detail captured by the Pixon is still lower than those of the competitors but the gap ain't that big. The noise levels have been so drastically improved so that they are now the best of the lot. We do suppose that a more aggressive noise-reduction algorithm is the reason for the somewhat less detail (and less noise of course)." Test for yourself is the best way to choose a correct device that best suite you. :-)

32. unregistered

After reading this review and after seeing that you used a low ISO level for LG, I have to say that 1) you either don't understand from mobile phones and you don't know how to adjust setting for them, which is bad because you are a mobile phone website; or 2) you used those settings intentionally, which is worse because it means that you are unfair and untrustable. I hope it is the first one.

31. unregistered

Oh, N82 is better?? never... N82 have high compression in photos.. n82 photo files: 500kb 700kb, c905 photo files: 1.8 Mb 2.5 mb ... INNOV8 photo files: 1.4 Mb 1.8 Mb largue files = beter quality.

34. Whitecarnage

Posts: 12; Member since: Mar 22, 2009

Shut up! Are you even aware that N82 IS A "5 MEGAPIXEL CAMERAPHONE" ??? You really sound ridiculous. Both C905 and Innov8 are 8 MEGAPIXEL CAMERAPHONES hence the photographs taken from their respective 8 mp cams have larger file sizes than the ones taken from a 5 mp cam.

30. Manikandan unregistered

I own a N82 which is good in camera but still really LG Renoir pulled out a great camera phone among the other 8 mega pixel phones and other camera phones...great work by LG

29. unregistered

I have N82 and I really wanted to buy INNOV8. But after reading these reviews here and in GSM Arena , I was disappointed and changed my mind. I think the only problem with INNOV8 is its LED flash which is a great deal for me.

28. unregistered

@ gsmarena the Pixon is the worst but this site gave it an award winner ..BS you guys must learn from gsmarena

26. razor callahn unregistered

what ever u all saying 'bout the using old software,not using right mode and so on,i don't think they r so stupid to become unfair!i really interest for c905 and renoir,nice phone,better than the n82 pattern,just a candy bar,so simple and ugly,but amazingly n suprisingly,the n82 can still standing in 8mp phone image quality!!i think the carl-zeiss lens doing great job!5mp with carl-zeiss can standing with them,so what if 8mp??isn't that very powerful camera phone??i can't wait for nokia nseries 8mp!!

27. gansan yakamura unregistered

dont believe them a word, they always try to make nokia look better, probably somebody works for them. I think overall Renoir offers the best package and its the cheapest too from what i read in several tests.

25. fufu united ninja all stars unregistered

i'm damn impressed v N82 performance ....

24. optional unregistered

funny how different sites post different opinons, statistics and facts on the same phones. anyone suspicious?

22. unregistered

afterhave a look all the other sites' comparisons we can say that easily; the winner is LG RENOIR...

20. unregistered

Now it’s available gsmarena’ s comparison, the FACTS are VERY are sooooo comics phonearena! Cheers!

19. unregistered

ohhh PA... u ar a big double tongued, u worked very good about LG (for make it bad). however whatever u do or say, evryone see REOIR is the best. i agree the friends, PA... u must learn from GSMARENA

21. unregistered

well said.. thumbs up you must learn from GSMarena :P

23. unregistered

LG Renoir FTW!!!

18. unregistered

16. unregistered

The best is Renoir but just loves Samsung more!!!

15. unregistered

Picture saving time will be greatly improved(shortened) if you use external memory.

13. A_J unregistered

For me its between the innov8 and the C905, the innov8 is huge, but it has everything i want. The C905 looks better (is smaller) but lacks some essentials. I have an N95 now, and symbian os on it is not the greatest, I've been very bored with it and its not thorough enough. What should I get? No touch screens for me, don't like the whole sensativity factor. Bulky Symbian innov8 or sleek lacking function C905?

14. Vaan unregistered

INNOV* isn't bulky if you compare it with the C905 it's just longer that's all and the build quality is better in the INNOV8.

12. Igor Efremenko unregistered

I don't believe Renoir has such weak flash. I guess it's necessary to choose the right shooting mode. E.g. if you shoot with SE k810 in auto mode with flash almost all pictures are VERY dark. When you select Night Portrait everything is super!

10. unregistered

Audio and video in kc910 is out of sync.see video2 of Renoir.It's very bad.

8. NightBlade unregistered

Hello?? You're using C905 with an old firmware!

7. Ethan unregistered

PA is so bias against LG... it's obvious Renoir is the best in this comparison! Pixon has much less detail and pictures are blurry in comparison.

9. unregistered

This is what they say The Renoir’s image is the sharpest and to most people it seems to have a better detai

6. unregistered

It’s not a fair comparison, with C905 there is the old firmware, with Renoir you have posted the worst blurry night pic (look at the same pic in your Renoir’s review: Samples&title=LG Renoir Review - Camera, Multimedia and Software ) and flash pic with iso 100!!! Nobody will trust you, you must learn from gsmarena...

11. Igor Efremenko unregistered

So what are you doing on this site? Go to gsmarena or try to be polite.

17. unregistered

LG renoir is the best and your site is full of LG hater especially that Russian guy on youtube :P you should really learn from gsmarena

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