LG PRADA KE850 Phone Review

The launch of phones like LG Chocolate and Motorola KRZR in 2006 seemed to give rise to a new trend of fashion phones which, although made by different manufacturers, had one common feature that set them apart from all other phones, namely, the shiny glossy material they were made of. This material is nothing like the RAZR-type metal structures, but it nevertheless looks just as upmarket and stylish.

This look has been developed for some time and we have seen this finish even in the RIM BlackBerry smartphones (initially Pearl, and later 8800), considered until recently to be conservative, which again shows how universal it can be. However, when all these phones started to look alike, the designers had to think of something new, to upgrade their previous best ideas. Maybe inspired by the fantasy movies, the creators have decided to use touch-sensitive screens, mostly for the vision and the feeling you get when you touch the flat display, rather than for the convenience of using many functions. It feels somehow natural to press on the things you want to activate. So you get a stylish shiny black phone with a minimum number of keys and a considerably big touch-sensitive screen: the same strategy has been used by Apple in their iPhone; Samsung F700 is also of a similar kind.

The difference between the above two phones and LG KE850 PRADA is that the latter phone is under the brand that even the Devil himself uses. This means an enhanced fashion appeal, generated not only by the phone’s look, but also by the customers’ brand loyalty, target group identity, etc....

In order to live up to its classiness, the phone comes in a nice-looking box, naturally pitch black. In it we find the complete set, including:
  • Remote control with Headphones
  • USB cable
  • Charger
  • Leather case
  • CD with software
  • Manual

The leather case covers the display, but comes short of the whole phone: its upper part remains uncovered, so that the phone sports the PRADA logo even when it is placed in its case.

The earphones consist of two parts: a wire remote control with a 3.5 mm stereo jack and earphones with the same jack, which are plugged into it. These earphones can easily be replaced by others, since 3.5 mm is the standard, used for all earphones.

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