Apple iPhone 3G Review
This is a GSM phone offered with AT&T.

It’s finally here, the first phone to beat the iPhone. Or is it? The iPhone 3G is out, with high-speed data and GPS and Exchange support and a whole slew of new features due to the new 2.0 software. It’s been slightly redesigned, but remains 100% Apple. It now has an App Store, where developers can create applications for the device and distribute them through iTunes. Paired with Apple’s new MobileMe service the everyday user can get the wireless syncing benefits of an Exchange account. Best of all, the phone’s ridiculous price tag has been slashed by $200. The new software is available to original iPhone owners, however, so is it really worth the upgrade?

Included in the box you’ll find:
  • Headphones
  • USB data/charging cable
  • AC adaptor with USB plug
  • SIM removal tool


In a case the iPhone 3G looks nearly identical to the iPhone. It has the same chrome trim around the huge glass touchscreen. The circular indent of the home button still lies below the display, and above it is simply the earpiece. There are still only three buttons along the sides; at the top left is the switch to silence the phone, with the volume rocker just below it, and at the top on the far right side is the lock button. The dock connector, speaker and mic are at the bottom, and at the top left of the back is the small 2 megapixel camera.

black or white finish. The white is only available on the 16GB version; you can get black on both the 8 and 16GB models. With the silver finish gone, the side keys have been changed from black rubber to silver metal. It’s a small gripe, but the key edges are rough and while it won’t cut you, running your fingers over them isn’t a smooth experience. The speaker and mic at the bottom are much smaller, and like the earpiece are covered in silver metal mesh rather than the previous perforations.

Overall dimensions have actually increased, though the 0.5mm thickness difference is offset by the rounded edges of the 3G.

You can compare the Apple iPhone 3G with many other phones using our Size Visualization Tool.

This beveling makes the phone feel more comfortable in the hand as compared to its predecessor, and we like the plastic casing more than we’d have thought. It is a high quality plastic, and not as slippery as we had expected, though to a small extent we miss the solid feel of the metal backing. The weight is virtually unchanged though; the 3G checks in at just 0.1oz lighter than the original.

Build quality is excellent, but then again you’d expect that from a company as design-obsessed as Apple. We can’t figure out why Apple hasn’t developed a fingerprint resistant material though, because you can’t think about the phone without covering it in fingerprints. We do have a quirk with ours though; on the right side of the phone near the 3 and 6 on the dialpad, where the chrome trim and glass display come together, there is a piece of plastic hanging out. It looks like it’s a piece of the protective film found on most new gadgets, like it had gotten stuck and ripped off. We’ve actually see this on first generation iPhones as well. It does not seem to be a wide-spread issue, but an issue none-the-less.

One thing we don’t like about the new design is the Apple logo, at least on our black unit. The shiny fruit stands out in stark contrast to the jet black background, and it’s a bit too flashy for our tastes. It’s less gaudy on the white, where the colors blend better. A grayed screen print, like iPhone text at the bottom, or even a brushed metal logo would have been more subtle. We realize most owners view the logo as a badge of honor, but to a non-believer it’s just another smug move by a company that is already plenty full of themselves.

The iPhone 3G is a superb piece of hardware. It’s beauty lies in its simplicity, and that all starts with the minimalistic design. Our plastic flap non-withstanding, the iPhone 3G picks up exactly where the iPhone left off, with the new plastic backing affording the phone a sleeker feel and appearance, despite the slight size increase. It is another fine piece of work by the designers over at Cupertino.



1. unregistered

huh... so that's an overall rating of 8 for the I-Phone 3g and a 9 overall rating for the Dare well, i guess apple managed to rock the world again...... or not so much

2. unregistered

as was brought up in the dare comments, as well as the vu, the ratings for each phone are individual. here, they were probably rating the 3g in light of the original. with the dare they said they were rating it compared to the other phones vzw offers. i dont think anyone in their right mind would think the dare is a better phone than the iphone

7. unregistered

LOL wow the most ignorant comment ever. i happen to like the dare better, but i guess i must be crazy.

9. unregistered

hey, is the contacts tab a standard tab now in the home screen or is it an app you can delete. cause i have seen mutliple pictures of the iphone 3g and never before have i seen the contacts tab

10. unregistered

its permanent

16. unregistered

Ok, so lemme get this right. It's compared to the original iPhone. Well, the original iPhone got an 8.8, while this new and fabulous 3G recieved an 8.0. Also, read the last sentence in the conclusion. Apple dropped the ball. BTW...The dare actually holds signals and makes calls fast. Under signal reception only rated a 3. Sorry, I'll keep my dare. Might be a little less in the UI department (according to the fanboys). But I know I can trust Verizon to make my calls with my PHONE, and I can trust the Dare to give me the rest of the capabilities I like to have for entertainment.

22. unregistered

The Dare is better! End of discussion.

32. unregistered

So true fellas! 3G is close to epic fail :-) So much hype for nothing. I kind of feel bad for all the idiots in those lines to grab this POS and get raped by ATT and APPLE for mediocre device. DARE just destroys iphone no matter what fan boys say. I have Dare and I used iphone before and there is no comparison! And don;t tell me ... well it wasn't 3G ... big deal same brick with just a little more hype. No thanks :-)

60. unregistered

I actually went into the store to test the Dare out. It is horrible. The review must be written by Verizon fanboys, just like most of the articles written on website. I've been a Verizon customer since '98, spend over $100 month, and would gladly pay my termination fee to get the new iphone. There really isn't a comparision at Verizon... Tired of waiting.

80. unregistered

Best phone, hey come on now. If just going for basic phone features, iPhone is not that rich in features and I doubt that it has best reception and sound quality among all other phones. It's a fine product but when somebody is claiming something to be the best when there is hundreds of choices... I am sure you know also what is the best car!

3. xev unregistered

maybe not necessarily better, but why go through the hassle of switching carriers if you can get a somewhat similar experience and phone on ur current network, be it Verizon or at&t. both Dare and iphone 3G are good on their own grounds. but i agree that the new iphone wasnt worth switching for so many people that already had the original. besides there were ways to get gps on it anyways.

4. tgijosh unregistered

Still this phone has something the dare and vu dont have. The ipod on this phone is amazing and thats what seperates from the pack for me. As a train commuter it cant be beat, not having to carry 2 devices.

8. unregistered

I'm in Boston, and taking the train means going underground, so I always turn off my phone because I can lose about one bar of battery in 20-30 minutes underground due to the continuous "searching for signal" (I currently use Verizon). I've heard the battery on this isn't great, combine that with playing music and searching for a signal for the trip there and back... I doubt I'd be able to use this to replace my phone + iPod (which plays for 10 hours on a charge) combo, no matter how convenient it is to have it in one package.

12. unregistered

battery is quite good on the iphone..... But when you turn on 3G it's another story... But still beats everyone else in terms of battery life..

14. unregistered

If you're currently with Verizon you might want to check out the Pearl. You can turn the phone aspect off and just use it as a music player.

28. unregistered

up to 8 gig of memory on the dare and you don't have to be stuck with DRM music. you can also now do the Rapsody subscription ans even if you buy from VZW peice by piece it's still 3 million songs at .99 ea or 1.99 over the air direct to the phone... yeah, i-pod on your phone is so much better

74. JAS39 unregistered

Why don't You use flight-mode then???

5. ri0t unregistered

Not for nothing, I think the wow factor is still there overall for the iphone. The UI on this device alone puts all other touchscreen UI phones from LG, Samsung etc. to shame. The app store itself has some awesome apps that take advantage of the iphones accelerometer and fast processor. Overall I still think this device is ahead of it's time in many facets. Lastly, if you are that stuck on verizon being the better company over at&t well all well and good for you go with the Dare or Voyager then.

6. high hoe ontario unregistered

I waited for the iPhone 3g and now that I am using it to post this comment I have to say it is the best phone I have had so far. I love it

11. chunnertyme unregistered

I have Verizon...checked out the Dare. Didn't really like it (the UI). Walked over to the Apple Store and picked up the 3G in white. So far, I love the phone. Yes, there are some issues but, the UI is so slick and it's still the best out there.

13. unregistered

I agree... The Dare might have some things that the iphone lacks, but overall quality of the iphone beats it straight down!

31. unregistered

I disagree Dare kills iphone with no questions asked. Try dropping your iphone! Ever seen cracked screens before? I have and more than a handful from my buddies. Without a question Dare is a much better choice not to mention Verizon too.

79. unregistered

That's a pretty dumb argument to make... It's sad verizon fans close their eyes for so many things just to look "kewl".

15. unregistered

I checked out the iPhone and the UI is unmatched. Features suck for a high end device IMO and this is why I have the Dare. Features on the Dare are better and it is not a smartphone.

17. XxTNTxX

Posts: 12; Member since: May 12, 2008

Do you not realize the full potential of the iPhone in conjunction w/ the AppStore??? Because of the popularity of the iPhone, developers are going to focus time and $ on making apps that utilize the features of the iPhone (eg accelerometer, gps, superb multi touch screen). I can guarantee you that these apps will blow away the few features the LG Dare has to offer. Look at what's already offered by the AppStore: Remote for iTunes .. simply sick. Super Monkey Ball .. havent played w/ that yet but im sure is hella fun some song identifier (comparable to VZ Song ID) but allows u to even hum the tune of a song Stuff like this is keeping the iPhone at the top of technology

18. unregistered

Yes I agree... Developers are hard at work making TERRIFIC apps for the iphone! I bought Super Monkey Ball. Despite the control function (It kinda hard, hopefully there will be a software update that will fix it) the 3D graphics are by far the best I have seen on a cell phone... Very fun and addicting!

19. unregistered

It all depends on what's important to you. If a slick UI and a few fun apps means more to you than solid coverage, exceptional reception, great voice quality and a hearty battery (which is the case for a lot of people apparently), then the iphone is a good choice. But again, as the review says, the original had the same slick UI and can run the new software, so why upgrade? If you're looking for a phone first and a toy second, then the Dare beats the iphone handily in all the important categories. What's saddest about the 3G iphone is that it isn't much of an upgrade (which is something Steve Jobs just can't get enough of apparently: convincing millions of people that the same product is an upgrade and making billions off of selling them).

20. unregistered

Sorry folks I am not defending any specific brands but I do know that iphone is kind of cool but Dare kills it in my opinion for my needs. I am careless about iphone or ATT for that matter. I have been with Verizon for a very long time and never had any issues. I could go on and list a ton of things that Dare does much better than iphone and in that light I could say Dare puts the other ones to shame! I have tried both and I really really love my Dare :D Best phone I have ever used or seen to date!

21. unregistered

I totally don't care about any of those lame apps. I want a nice solid and functional phone that features a great camera as well also I am not crazy about the glass screen and dinged up metal case. And I don't care about super expensive smartphone plans either.

23. unregistered

LAME APPS??? Why don't you check the app store (on itunes) and see for yourself how innovative these apps are! The developers are making terrific apps that take advantage of the processing power or the accelerometer of the iphone like Super Monkey Ball. It's the best graphics you will see on a cell phone... Or multi-touch features apps... Some apps use the GPS for location services... This is a BIG selling point of the iphone.... Major developers are aboard making terrific apps like AIM, Facebook, MySpace, and Pandora! LAME apps... HA!
iPhone 3G
  • Display 3.5" 320 x 480 pixels
  • Camera 2 MP
  • Storage 16 GB
  • Battery 1150 mAh(10.00h talk time)

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