Apple iPhone 3G Review
This is a GSM phone offered with AT&T.

It’s finally here, the first phone to beat the iPhone. Or is it? The iPhone 3G is out, with high-speed data and GPS and Exchange support and a whole slew of new features due to the new 2.0 software. It’s been slightly redesigned, but remains 100% Apple. It now has an App Store, where developers can create applications for the device and distribute them through iTunes. Paired with Apple’s new MobileMe service the everyday user can get the wireless syncing benefits of an Exchange account. Best of all, the phone’s ridiculous price tag has been slashed by $200. The new software is available to original iPhone owners, however, so is it really worth the upgrade?

Included in the box you’ll find:
  • Headphones
  • USB data/charging cable
  • AC adaptor with USB plug
  • SIM removal tool


In a case the iPhone 3G looks nearly identical to the iPhone. It has the same chrome trim around the huge glass touchscreen. The circular indent of the home button still lies below the display, and above it is simply the earpiece. There are still only three buttons along the sides; at the top left is the switch to silence the phone, with the volume rocker just below it, and at the top on the far right side is the lock button. The dock connector, speaker and mic are at the bottom, and at the top left of the back is the small 2 megapixel camera.

There are differences though, most notably is the back housing. Gone is the metal with the black plastic bottom, replaced with glossy plastic in a black or white finish. The white is only available on the 16GB version; you can get black on both the 8 and 16GB models. With the silver finish gone, the side keys have been changed from black rubber to silver metal. It’s a small gripe, but the key edges are rough and while it won’t cut you, running your fingers over them isn’t a smooth experience. The speaker and mic at the bottom are much smaller, and like the earpiece are covered in silver metal mesh rather than the previous perforations.

Overall dimensions have actually increased, though the 0.5mm thickness difference is offset by the rounded edges of the 3G.

You can compare the Apple iPhone 3G with many other phones using our Size Visualization Tool.

This beveling makes the phone feel more comfortable in the hand as compared to its predecessor, and we like the plastic casing more than we’d have thought. It is a high quality plastic, and not as slippery as we had expected, though to a small extent we miss the solid feel of the metal backing. The weight is virtually unchanged though; the 3G checks in at just 0.1oz lighter than the original.

Build quality is excellent, but then again you’d expect that from a company as design-obsessed as Apple. We can’t figure out why Apple hasn’t developed a fingerprint resistant material though, because you can’t think about the phone without covering it in fingerprints. We do have a quirk with ours though; on the right side of the phone near the 3 and 6 on the dialpad, where the chrome trim and glass display come together, there is a piece of plastic hanging out. It looks like it’s a piece of the protective film found on most new gadgets, like it had gotten stuck and ripped off. We’ve actually see this on first generation iPhones as well. It does not seem to be a wide-spread issue, but an issue none-the-less.

One thing we don’t like about the new design is the Apple logo, at least on our black unit. The shiny fruit stands out in stark contrast to the jet black background, and it’s a bit too flashy for our tastes. It’s less gaudy on the white, where the colors blend better. A grayed screen print, like iPhone text at the bottom, or even a brushed metal logo would have been more subtle. We realize most owners view the logo as a badge of honor, but to a non-believer it’s just another smug move by a company that is already plenty full of themselves.

The iPhone 3G is a superb piece of hardware. It’s beauty lies in its simplicity, and that all starts with the minimalistic design. Our plastic flap non-withstanding, the iPhone 3G picks up exactly where the iPhone left off, with the new plastic backing affording the phone a sleeker feel and appearance, despite the slight size increase. It is another fine piece of work by the designers over at Cupertino.



89. wkherren

Posts: 3; Member since: Feb 16, 2013

We have owned Apple I phones for quite awhile now, as a matter of fact, our famiy has a total of 7 Apple I phones 3Gs. They have been the best of all the rest. I do so much hate to see them discontinued. I love mine so much and so does my husband. If it be of any interest, we are not young kids, so we do appreicate the 3 Gs. My husband is a 71 year old and navigate through his with no problems and i am 68 year old. We have an adopted 17 year old to which is severly handicaped by blindness, and she is able to work hers and sees the print to text her friends. so the Apple I Phone 3 Gs. means a lot to us. i pray they keep some around for us old foggies. Got love 3 Gs. Thanks for the time you took to read thisl. Thanks Apple! (THUMBS UP 3 Gs)

88. shashivydyula

Posts: 4; Member since: Jan 08, 2012

This phone just sucks!! No video recording option. If upgraded to iOS 4.X.X.X it hangs and drastically slows down. Many features missing. Don't mind people but This phone really sucks.

87. Open mind unregistered

Wtf i watch ppl all the time talk about how good the iphone is but it really doesn't do half the stuff a regular phone does. you cant change the battery so when i runs dead you have to charge it un like the instinct and others that you just add another battery and keep going. i have owned the iphone both new and old, dare, vu, and the new storm what can i say i like having them all over all the iphone is ok but if you are a business man or a techy you might need to consider a diff phone the i phone is good for ppl who use there phone as a casual thing. if you are a techy get the instinct hands down and if you are a business person get the storm. dont get me wrong the iphone sets the bar but doesnt like to use it. sorry guys the truth boils down to propaganda really good advertising. and don't let me forget to mention that if you use the touchscreen fast like i do you will freeze the phone up alot!!!

86. Mac-Clashy unregistered

Ha, ha, ha, funny-est review i've ever read - i have had the great pleasure of using mobile (sorry cell) phones for the past 22 years & the iPhone3G is by far & away the "best" phone i've ever used, its functions far outweigh any other phone on the market, dont slate it till you've used it people!! ;) Just had the misfortune of using a Samsung Omnia this past couple of days - "iPhone Killer"? Jeez, dont make me laugh - most painfull touch screen i've ever witnessed - my HP Jornada PDA i owned 10 years ago was quicker & cleaner than that.

90. wkherren

Posts: 3; Member since: Feb 16, 2013

Apple I Phone 3 Gs is the BEST EVER!!

83. unregistered

Hey, anyone else HATE the music (ipod) menu ?

84. Simdes unregistered

You're a loner here... iPod music menu and functionality is incomparable to God even! Sony Ericsson phones are second (archangelic) :D

85. Iphone maybe. unregistered

I think I walked into the wrong forum. I didn't realize this was the Dare and iPhone comparrison forum. I just want to know if the iPhone is a decent phone or not. I reallly don't care about network coverage in this forum but for the record I live in Texas on a dirt road and AT & T drops more calls than my previous Veriozon network. At least Verizon was predictable when I would drop a call... i.e. I knew exactly at which point in the turn in the road I would drop any given call. I've read elsewhere there is some lag when touching the screen or the iPhone will freeze up and requires a hard restart. Is this a regular happening or more isolated? This is more along the lines of what I was wanting to read. What glitches are you iPhone users experiencing? Are you getting tech support in relation to any issues with your phone? Warranty issues (through AT & T or Apple)? How is the mere 8GB suiting you? I only wish the iPhone had a memory card slot. Let me hear more about the iPhone please so I can make a more educated decision.

82. unregistered

They finally dropped the new update so this phone is finally functioning i was just about to switch back to verizon

78. unregistered

Anyone ever think of the very simple fact that ATT had to ask for the IPHONE... and that was after VZW was approached and declined? IPHONE is very simply put a Toy, not a Phone. When You place the IPHONE against say the Dare, the IPHONE fanboys state all the cool things it does when you touch it or how it scrolls with a flick or how awsome the UI looks.. The fanboys never want to admit the huge lack of functionality! Then you have the Dare with its matched cool factors, maybe not as cool as IPHONE, but completely functional in what you need a phone to do and expect from it. Not putting down apple at all but you are much better buying an ITOUCH for all your multimedia needs, and get yourself a phone that offers you MMS and all the other lacking functions not present on the IPHONE. The Dare may not have the Apple logo on it, or be advertised much, but atleast it gets the Job done, and offers you all the same features as the IPHONE and more!

71. Karl068 unregistered

I'm a hardcore mac user and everyone knows the biggest problem with the i-phone is the network it's on. 7 out of 10 i-phone users have said they would prefer to be on a different network than at&t. I think we all should start bitching to apple to break the exclusive agreement with at&t and release the next i-phone multi carrier. Apple sales numbers would go through the roof!!! Didn't apple sell 1 million 3-g i-phones world wide the weekend it came out? If they went multi carrier they would sell at least over a million i-phones just in the U.S. alone in the same time period. I just switched from verizon to at&t and I can sadly say I get at least 3 dropped calls to and from my way to work each DAY. I only got 2 -3 dropped calls a YEAR with verizon. By the way I live in a pretty big city too called Los Angles so I'm not in some hic town. I've always thought Apple delivers a good high quality product but they fucked up when they signed exclusively with at&t. I know online reports say verizon and apple could not work an agreement out, but i'd bet the farm that verizon, sprint, and t-mbl would love to carry the i-phone now. It doesn't make any sense to me why such and independent company such as apple would bring such an amazing product to the consumer only to force you to use it on a sub par network. I'm counting the long days ahead to when I can switch back to verizon and use my precious i-phone. But I fear I'm going to wait a very long ass time until at least 2012 :(

72. unregistered

great point, but remember why the iphone landed on ATT instead of VZW in the first place -- Apple demands a ton of creative control over this product. It would be very healthy for someone like Verizon to let someone else slap a UI on a phone; but I'm not sure if Apple will play nice enough to attract the big carriers. We'll see.

73. unregistered

both vz and apple are control freaks so they don't play well with each other. I love the iphone and disappointed with AT&T. Yes 2012 is a long time to wait so I am enjoying it with the wifi connection. I just switched from vz to AT&T not by choice. It's like having a farrari and have to drive on dirt bumpy road. Praying for a miracle that AT&T will improve their network. In the mean time enjoy the amazing iPhone interface.

75. unregistered

you sound just like one big loser. All that for a slightly above average UI. IMO not worth it

76. unregistered

why is it iphone haters always sounds so negative, bitter, angry, and sarcasticly so un-funny?

77. unregistered

Because they don't read books, they are sociopaths, jobless nerds and are pretty much 14 year old physically or mentally.

61. unregistered

People can debate all day about which phone is better and it really all comes down to personal preference. I know that for me, things that are important to me on a phone are good call quality, actually being able to send pictures and videos (and actually being able to take videos), a real 3g network (c'mon att you're not going to fool anyone with that shoddy network), a good camera, turn by turn gps, etc over a freakin interface. Now the iphone interface/processor is nice but seriously why buy a phone for that and sacrifice things that we have been EXPECTING in phones for years now?

62. unregistered

So so true AMEN! That is exactly how I feel about this iphone scam as well. Let's strip all the useful features so that later on we can add some apps and that way we could milk the dumb population again. Jobs can only fool the idiots! I know what I need in a phone and a little bit more eye candy will not make me fork out more $ for some useless rubbish.

63. unregistered

Once you go Mac you can't go back, when you don't own a Mac all you do is talk smack, now that's an IDIOT.

64. unregistered

NOT TRUE fan boy! I had macs in the past and nothing got me attached to Apple. It was OK but nothing superior like you guys always claim. I find my hp laptop much more useful then a macbook. You guys are so pathetic everything has to be Apple for all you losers. I enjoy messing with bunch of you fan boys it's quite amusing :-) After several years my HP still looks almost brand new and it works just like it was new. I know many macs that can't hold up to their so called name in reliability. I have seen dozens of broken ipods in very short periods of time. Therefore Apple can claim all they want but they are average at best and nothing that make them stand out from the crowd. I just don't understand what kind of voodoo Jobs did on you guys! Ha ha ha.

67. unregistered

i own a mac and an the Mac, gave the i-POD to my girl and got a better (& cheaper mp3 player) with no DRM and while i like my Mac it would in no way ever convince me to step away from verizon in order to get a nice UI and a bunch of apps i won't use anyway if you're smart...once you go mac you will still use your brain....

56. unregistered

Vzw balls really deep in on some of u mouth. Ya needs to STOP! Apple known for Computers, did u guys forget? Second this is the only 2nd phones apple has under their belts. HELLOOOOOO... Unlike Lg, MOtorola, samsung, etc... And also AT&T is right there toe to toe with vzw. U guys barking simply AT&T is exclusive wireless provider for the phone and is gonna be like for another 4yrs SUCKERS. Plus, Vzw clearly, don't have 100% service across America. They might have a better service in future because of the alltel perchase. Don't think AT&T not gonna do anything??? Idiots

57. kuroshio unregistered

only being their 2nd phone is no excuse for not listening to owners of their 1st phone. not listening to wanted things like bluetooth stereo headset support and mms capability. 3g isn't a big incentive if the carrier doesn't have the coverage (and AT&T does NOT have anywhere near the 3g coverage that Sprint and Verizon do). The Iphone's touch screen sets the standard for touchscreens. The media player sets the standard for entertainment on the go. Phone manufacturers look at Safari and pray someone out there will release a good web browser that they can put on their phone cause they don't have the resources to make a better one. And I can get EVERY single good thing about the iphone 3g buying an ipod touch and get better phone service by keeping my existing cellphone. Since I'm not a slavering apple fanboy, I don't need to refresh my fashion accessories with brand new Apple logos everytime they release a new product. And since I'm not a fanboy, an impartial review of the new 3g comes up short of providing me any incentive to purchase the phone.

50. kuroshio unregistered

My girlfriend has an 1st gen Iphone. I have an Instinct which I am returning and getting a Dare. She asked my opinion on whether to buy the new 3g. i told her emphatically "NO" and for one singular, overriding reason: she moved to MA to go to school and if AT&T drops one more call, I'm buying her 2 tin cans and a really long ball of string. It'd be an upgrade. Honestly, I'm not a Apple Hater (well, I am but I can openly admire good work done by people I loathe). Nor am I an Instinct/Dare fanboy. But given her coverage with the original Iphone is already spotty at best (10 redials to have a 2hr conversation), the 3g doesn't add enough to justify the purchase and plan changes. If the camera was significantly better, that would be a reason. But she uses a point and shoot for taking pics. Short of the 3g altering the laws of physics and the speed of light, nothing can help her get from point A to point B any faster (tho a built in radar detector would be a good reason). No MMS support means she would still rather pull out her laptop and send/rcv pic msgs via email. And 3rd party apps... What's to be said about the App store? Just this: how many *truly* useful widgets have you honestly d/led for your browser/OS on your computer. Anyone honest with themselves will expect 95% of the apps to be trash or 5 minute distractions with few trully useful daily use apps. Apple did drop the ball on this. They dropped it by making elitism one of the few real reasons for existing Iphone owners to upgrade. Elitism will go a long way with apple fanatics. And in my particular case, as someone who doesn't own an iphone, I'd be better served getting an ITouch, a cheap point and shoot camera (which will smoke every US availible cameraphone in performance) and a free phone with any new activation on any carrier.

58. unregistered

I totally agree with you 3G does not offer much of anything besides hype and waste of money. Just like you said 95% of those apps are nothing more than waste of time. I would say more like 99% useless apps on there for me. So I wasn't impressed with their offerings and AT&T sucks. Verizon kills them in every aspect. I have been with Verizon for over 10 years now and I am very happy. And I am much happier with my dare as well.

91. wkherren

Posts: 3; Member since: Feb 16, 2013

NOT TRUE!! I have a total of 7 Apple I Phone 3 Gs in my family and i would NOT have any other unless they are done away with and then i would be about ready to cry.. We LOVE ours. I have a 17 year old that is blind and she can work her 3Gs with no problems, including texting. you just don't know how to work it then. It is GREAT!! I have a 71 year old husband and i am 68 and we have a great time with them, Maybe your expecting to much of a small thing.

47. 8lias unregistered

The ability to add something new to your phone effortlessly is a matter how cool a phone is...eventually you'll be fed up with it, bored, and you wish to upgrade to another phone. I wasn't too fond with the first iPhone because it'll get old soon, but now that you can add 3rd party apps (552 new apps in a week, insane) allow you to discover and be entertain with 3rd party apps. The Dare is a great phone for Verizon, no doubt, and if you are contend and satisfy with it, great, all power to you, great phone for the great service you'll get. But I am looking for to be entertained, having an all-in-one device, fun to use and to navigate, ability to customize and add applications, icandy, and the satisfactory I would receive for my money. Sure...ATT isn't as great as VZ's network or service, but it's not as bad as one would expect. There's always room for improvement, advantages and disadvantages, question is, which one matter to you most? There isn't a perfect phone...only the one that will give you the most satisfactory you are willing to pay for. It's not about the's about if you feel justified spending your hard earn income with the enjoyment you are receiving. Hey...most strippers can satisfy you but I prefer blondes...does it make me an idiot? No...i just choose to what I like and not what everyone else say I should like. Ok...where did I put that escort service number?

51. serious buyer unregistered

Seriously.... thank you for that comment. When going through reading reviews, people are looking for honest opinions, not people doing name-calling. Honestly, what are we here, 3 years old? ("No, you're a poopy face!") And why are we even talking about the Dare? Isn't that a Verizon phone? Last time I checked, you can't use that phone on the AT&T network, therefore your comments are useless to me. If you're going to discuss other touchscreen phones at least offer up opinions on a phone I can actually use on my network... I'm honestly looking for a new phone and am trying to make a decision on whether or not this kind of phone is for me. So far I've gotten a couple of useful opinions. To those people, thank you for your help.

52. 8lias unregistered

serious buyer......which one do you have in mind? i am currently using the Voyager and trying to get my hand on the iphone, they sold out like hot cakes.

53. serious buyer unregistered

I'm torn between two completely different kinds of smartphone.... right now it's kind of between the iphone and a moto q. I know they're completely different, but that's what i'm talking about with deciding for or against a total touchscreen interface. I hadn't looked too closely at an LG phone because I haven't been too impressed with other LG devices (namely call quality). The iPhone is a little easier to get ahold of now. The rush was really only on Friday.
iPhone 3G
  • Display 3.5 inches
    480 x 320 pixels
  • Camera 2 MP (Single camera)
  • Hardware , 0.1GB RAM
  • Storage 16GB,
  • Battery 1150 mAh
  • OS iOS 4.x

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