T-Mobile is literally driving circles around Comcast to convince you to 'make Xfinity your ex'

T-Mobile is literally driving circles around Comcast to convince you to 'make Xfinity your ex'
Christmas is a time for giving, caring, loving, and... taunting your rivals if you happen to be a fast-growing player in America's intensely competitive wireless and home internet industries.

After mocking the size of Verizon and AT&T's mobile 5G networks around a year ago with the use of festive little gingerbread houses, the always feisty magenta-coated "Un-carrier" is now shifting its focus to target Comcast with another highly unconventional publicity stunt.

As you may have noticed over the last 12 months, T-Mobile has gradually and substantially ramped up the promotion of its fledgling 5G Home Internet service, often at the expense of a mobile 5G signal many independent analysts and research firms have documented as dominating the market in terms of both availability and speed.

Said 5G Home Internet network is also expanding incredibly quickly as far as both coverage and subscriber numbers are concerned, and in order to try to further boost the latter, T-Mo decided the holidays would be a good time to drive circles around Comcast. Yes, literally.

The aim of having a "mobile billboard truck" circle Comcast's Philadelphia HQ for 25 consecutive hours is to convince folks dissatisfied with the broadband internet giant to make Xfinity their "ex" and embrace T-Mobile 5G Home Internet at a ridiculously low price.

We're talking $50 a month with (almost) no taxes or fees, no data caps whatsoever, no contracts, credit checks, or other strings attached, but you can easily knock that down to a measly 25 bucks with a "qualifying" voice line (for a limited time).

Meanwhile, Comcast Xfinity customers are looking at yet another price hike set to come into effect today, December 20, which Magenta promises you'll never see on its network... as long as you don't count certain fees, of course.

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T-Mobile wants to make it as easy (and as lucrative) as possible for you to ditch your Xfinity broadband service, offering to pay off your early termination fees up to a whopping 750 bucks... under a few conditions.

Clearly, nothing is quite as simple and as affordable as it seems, but T-Mo's latest publicity stunt is undeniably clever, aided by the inexorable truth that EVERYONE hates Comcast.

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