T-Mobile announces new 5G network coverage milestone in unflattering Verizon comparison

T-Mobile announces new 5G network coverage milestone in unflattering Verizon comparison
T-Mobile has reached its 2022 5G network expansion goal ahead of schedule, it announced, covering more than 320 million people with is Extended Range 5G low bands and 260 million people with fast Ultra Capacity 5G. Not only that, but it has managed to boost its Ultra Capacity 5G network with an extra 1900 MHz layer of mid-band 5G spectrum, increasing its award-winning carrying capacity and robustness further.

According to Neville Ray, T-Mobile's President of Technology, the Un-carrier is "rapidly executing on our vision to deliver the highest capacity network this country has ever seen... We’ve led in 5G coverage from the beginning, delivering a massive 5G footprint that continues to grow. And with Ultra Capacity 5G, it’s undeniable that T-Mobile customers have access to the most powerful 5G network around."

The newly switched on 1900 MHz mid-band of spectrum "adds lanes to the road so traffic can zoom," he added, while the three-carrier aggregation technology has allowed T-Mobile to hit the whopping 3 Gbps network speeds, provided that its customers carry a T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S22 phone that can take advantage.

From a scruffy but feisty newcomer, T-Mobile has become a 5G network juggernaut in the US thanks to its FCC-approved acquisition of Sprint not long ago that allowed it to build the so-called "layer cake" of a robust 5G coverage from the low to the mid-bands. 

T-Mobile is consistently scoring the fastest 5G network download speed awards and the most robust 5G coverage for a few quarters in a row now, and it also offers the most competitive family plan prices. It's also an OG GSM carrier like AT&T, so phone choices and compatibility are better than on Verizon. 

Despite all the marketing fluff, however, and its underdog status that made it a favorite among users, T-Mobile still has a way to go in coverage outside of the big city areas and frequented highways compared to AT&T or, even worse, to Verizon's coverage. The newly announced advancements in its 5G network, however, put it firmly on the path to remain the nationwide 5G leader always a step ahead in coverage and capacity.

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