T-Mobile massively expands its popular Home Internet service... with data cap

T-Mobile massively expands its popular Home Internet service... with data cap
What could be more impressive than boasting a (theoretical) coverage of over 40 million homes across the nation for a network properly inaugurated less than 18 months ago? How about truly nationwide availability?

Believe it or not, T-Mobile's Home Internet service is apparently prepared to take this huge step already, expanding to every single place where the "Un-carrier" currently offers a wireless signal... with a pretty significant restriction.

Unlike the full-fledged Home Internet service, the newly launched Lite tier comes with a data cap that speed addicts are certainly not going to be pleased about. We can even see "regular" consumers get frustrated with their monthly 100GB ceiling, especially given the terribly modest 128Kbps speeds you'll have to somehow make do with if you go over that limit.

Your Home Internet Lite subscription will not be cheaper than "standard" T-Mobile Home Internet service either, at a flat rate of $50 a month with all taxes and fees included, as well as one of several gateway devices at no extra cost.

At this point, you might be wondering why on earth you'd ever choose T-Mobile's Home Internet Lite service, and the answer is, well, you wouldn't. The whole idea here is to offer something for people who can't get unlimited Home Internet due to (temporary) network capacity restrictions until said unlimited service can reach more places and homes.

If you do sign up for Home Internet Lite, you will obviously be upgraded to unlimited Home Internet as soon as that happens at no additional cost, and until then, you can always opt for a 150, 200, or 300GB high-speed cap at $75, $100, and $150 a month respectively if 100 gigs is not enough to satisfy your home browsing and streaming needs.

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