Samsung's AirPower-killing Wireless Charger Pad Trio is already discounted

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Samsung's AirPower-killing Wireless Charger Pad Trio is already discounted
Instead of waiting for the infamous AirPower wireless charging mat, which may never commercially materialize, or Apple's far less ambitious MagSafe Duo Charger, which is likely to see daylight relatively soon, bargain hunters looking for something to top up multiple gadgets at once should strongly consider buying the simply (and aptly) named Samsung Wireless Charger Pad Trio right now.

Unveiled in early September and released just a couple of weeks ago at a more than reasonable price of $89.99, the incredibly versatile and speedy 3-in-1 charger is already marked down by a cool 20 bucks in both black and white flavors on Amazon.

There are obviously no strings attached to this deal, which may or may not last until Black Friday and beyond, requiring no special membership or any other type of hoop-jumping whatsoever. You simply visit the most popular e-commerce platform out there and order your preferred color option at a surprisingly hefty and early 22 percent discount.

Compatible with modern iPhones in addition to Samsung's best handsets and Qi-enabled mobile devices from many other brands, the Wireless Charger Pad Trio can juice up a smartwatch and two phones or a handset, a smartwatch, and a pair of true wireless earbuds at the same time.

With a grand total of six coils inside it, this bad boy claims to make it simple for you to put your device down and charge it up sans having to worry about potential alignment issues. The pad features two sections, one of which is dedicated entirely to Samsung's Galaxy Watch family, supporting the OG Watch Active alongside the newer and higher-end Watch Active 2 and Watch 3.

Tipping the scales at 320 grams and measuring just 15.5mm in thickness, this Trio model is officially cheaper than Samsung's older Wireless Charger Duo Pad while retaining its fast charging capabilities and including a 25W travel adapter in the box. 

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