Samsung just schooled Apple with the new Wireless Charger Trio

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Samsung just schooled Apple with the new Wireless Charger Trio
Samsung just trolled Apple's elusive AirPower charger badly with a new Wireless Charger Trio that is able to top off a Note 20 series phone, a Galaxy Watch 3, and the Buds Live all at the same time sans cables. Who knows, maybe the Galaxy Z Fold 2 can also join the charge party at some point at the place of the Note 20 Ultra.

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Remember the AirPower? Apple announced it as a cord-cutter's dream together with the iPhone 8, Plus and X, and, after a brief cameo on its website, the thing never materialized, making it Apple's biggest vaporware launch ever.

Why? Well, the Taiwanese supplier industry complained about impossible demands from Apple regarding "glass passivated package (GPP) bridge rectifiers" which may go into the AirPower.

While the technology involved has been around for a while, the requirements reportedly are that those parts are wrapped in very slim packages, and that's where production might have hit a snag. Enter Samsung, and its new Wireless Charger Trio.

Samsung Wireless Charger Trio specs and price

As the naming suggests, the Trio can top off three of Samsung's wireless charging-capable devices at once, and Samsung demonstrates this with press renders depicting the bronze Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, Buds Live, and Watch 3 devices. The Ultra is one huge phone, so there is evidently place for everything on top of the Wireless Charger Trio.

Its design is pretty simplistic - one Maxi Pad with elliptical sides, supplied with power via a USB-C port, and it is able to output at least the 15W that Samsung's newest Qi-enabled devices are able to take, and will be available in a short while for $99 or Euros, depending on where you live. Any takers?

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