Samsung may prioritize 6.1.1 over One UI 7 on Galaxy Phones to bring you this one feature

Samsung may prioritize 6.1.1 over One UI 7 on Galaxy Phones to bring you this one feature
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A new rumor suggests that Samsung may be giving priority to its upcoming One UI 6.1.1 release for Galaxy phones, instead of going full-steam with One UI 7. This speculation is due to several factors, but mainly the fact that One UI 6.1.1. seems to be a bigger release than what you would normally expect for a x.x.1 version, and thus would need more time for refinement.

Samsung is known for its regular software updates, usually introducing a new One UI build with its foldable phones each year. However, this update doesn't typically extend to their Galaxy phones, which instead receive a beta version of the next major One UI release based on a new Android version. According to reports, this year might be different, with Samsung potentially releasing One UI 6.1.1 for its flagship Galaxy phones and delaying the Android 15-based One UI 7.

Leaker Ice Universe suggests that the upcoming One UI 6.1.1 will feature an exciting AI-powered tool that leverages the S Pen and the user's imagination to transform handwriting into graffiti. While One UI 6.1 already introduced some AI features, this new addition would be the first to utilize the S Pen's capabilities. The leaker also claims that One UI 6.1.1 will enhance system animation, particularly the wallpaper animation, for a more immersive experience.

Traditionally, Samsung would begin testing Android 15-based One UI 7 in the summer, with a stable build usually released in October. However, Ice Universe suggests that One UI 7 might be delayed this year as Samsung prioritizes the release of One UI 6.1.1, a larger update than usual. This could be due to the Galaxy S24 series not receiving significant firmware updates since its launch, and rumors claim that One UI 6.1.1 could address the phone's camera issues while adding new features.

While the delay of One UI 7 might disappoint some users, the potential enhancements in One UI 6.1.1, particularly the AI-powered S Pen feature, could make the wait worthwhile. It remains to be seen whether these rumors will come to fruition, but it's clear that Samsung is continuing to innovate and refine its software offerings.

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