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Samsung's upcoming Galaxy Tab S7 Lite gets a bunch of additional key details leaked


Apart from one (or most likely, two) new high-end Android tablets designed to take on Apple's next-gen iPad Pros, Samsung is seemingly working on a mid-range sequel (or possibly, two) to the recently discounted Galaxy Tab S6 Lite.

Expected to be released as early as June 2021 with optional 5G connectivity in tow, the aptly (and predictably) named Tab S7 Lite was benchmarked just last week packing a Snapdragon 750 processor in combination with 4 gigs of RAM.

Of course, none of that info is etched in stone yet, including the fitting aforementioned marketing label, which some tipsters bandied about as a mere possibility of late alongside an equally plausible Tab S8e candidate. 

Then again, more and more insiders and reputable rumormongers appear to be referring to the impending mid-end slate solely as the Galaxy Tab S7 Lite, strongly suggesting that will indeed be the official moniker ultimately selected by its manufacturer. Additionally, the almost always reliable folks over at GalaxyClub in the Netherlands (translated here) claim to have received fresh intel from their sources regarding things like color options and storage configurations.

The Tab S7 Lite will reportedly see daylight in black, silver, pink, and green hues, at least in Europe, possibly eclipsing the Chiffon Pink, Angora Blue, and Oxford Gray paint jobs of last year's Galaxy Tab S6 Lite in both number and overall visual impact. 

The green flavor in particular sounds exciting, although it's not entirely clear at the moment exactly what shade to expect. Whether it will be lighter or darker, it's probably safe to assume Samsung aims to provide stiff competition for Apple's eye-catching fourth-gen iPad Air this year at a significantly lower price.

Interestingly, the jumbo-sized 12.4-inch tablet could be released on the old continent in Wi-Fi-limited and 5G-capable variants only. Because previous speculation also hinted at the existence of a cellular-enabled configuration merely supporting 4G LTE speeds, we wouldn't rule out a US launch in a grand total of three main models at some point this summer.

Meanwhile, there should be two storage versions worldwide, presumably accommodating a maximum of 64 and 128 gigs of data internally, just like the Tab S6 Lite. The rest of the details are largely kept under wraps, including whether or not Samsung is also planning to roll out a smaller 11-inch Tab S7 Lite model in 2021, in which case the 12.4-incher could ultimately be dubbed the Galaxy Tab S7 Lite Plus.

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