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Samsung seemingly discontinues two tablets while discounting a third one

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If you were recently in the market for a high-end or upper mid-range Galaxy Tab S-series device, Samsung didn't exactly make your buying decision easy. While choice and diversity are generally considered good things in the Android tablet landscape, an overcrowded and convoluted product portfolio might confuse consumers rather than make them happy, which is probably why the Galaxy Tab S6 and Tab S5e can no longer be purchased directly from their manufacturer's US website.

Commercially released back in 2019, the two slates were theoretically replaced by the Tab S7 duo and the somewhat confusingly named Tab S6 Lite last year, nonetheless sticking around as affordable alternatives, at least when they got their regular prices reduced.

But now a Galaxy Tab S7 Lite with optional 5G support is reportedly coming soon, so a little early spring cleaning definitely makes sense for Samsung's iPad-rivaling tablet lineup. Although the company hasn't explicitly confirmed this to be the case, our guess (inspired by @TheGalox_) is that the Galaxy Tab S5e and Tab S6 have been permanently discontinued, leaving you with far fewer options for the next few months.

Specifically, you can go for a 10.4-inch Tab S6 Lite starting at a very reasonable price of $279.99, a slightly larger and significantly more impressive 11-inch Tab S7 for $600 and up, or a gargantuan and top-of-the-line 12.4-inch Galaxy Tab S7+ setting you back at least $850.

If the Galaxy Tab S6 Lite sounds unusually affordable, that's probably because the aforementioned $280 starting price is marked down from $350. That may or may not be a permanent thing as well, also slashing 80 bucks off the $429.99 list price of a 128GB storage configuration. 

The cheaper model obviously comes with half that local digital hoarding room while sharing the same 4GB RAM count, reasonably powerful Exynos 9611 processor, excellent battery life, premium metal-and-glass build, and included S Pen to deliver pretty much unrivaled value for your money. Clearly, the Tab S5e was completely redundant and unnecessary, although we're not sure we can say the same thing about the Snapdragon 855-powered Galaxy Tab S6.

Unfortunately, the Tab S6 and S5e are not available from major third-party retailers like Best Buy or Amazon anymore either, at least not at any prices that might be worth your attention.

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