Leaked Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra promo videos unsurprisingly hype up 200MP camera

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Leaked Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra promo videos unsurprisingly hype up 200MP camera
In case you haven't heard, Samsung's Galaxy S23 family of ultra-high-end smartphones is coming soon. We know that not only based on common sense and a mountain of leaks and rumors from the last few months, but also because, well, Samsung (inadvertently) told us so just a few days ago, even going so far as to reveal the exact announcement and commercial release dates of its "next big things."

With all that in mind, it shouldn't come as a shock that the company's official marketing materials for this highly anticipated launch are starting to leak. That's right, we have not one but two different GIFs for you today emphasizing one of the undoubtedly legit and major selling points of the impending S23 Ultra.

Galaxy S23 Ultra (512GB) is available at Amazon

The Galaxy S23 Ultra with 512GB of storage is available on Amazon in limited quantities. The smartphone arrives at its standard price. Only the model in Green is available in brand-new condition.

Galaxy S23+ is available at Amazon at $51 off

The Galaxy S23+ with 256GB of built-in storage arrives at $51 off. You can trade in a suitable device to save up to $260 with an Amazon.com Gift Card.

Galaxy S23 is now available at Amazon

The vanilla Galaxy S23 sells at its standard price on Amazon. Limited color options are available. You can trade in a suitable device to unlock up to $260 in savings.

"WOW"-worthy camera resolution on the horizon

While Samsung is not spelling out any technical details or specifications in the two short videos spilled by none other than Ice Universe on Twitter, we've known for a looong time that the biggest and mightiest member of the Galaxy S23 lineup is set to pack a 200MP primary rear-facing camera.

This bad boy apparently rocks megapixels "that'll make you say wooow", which is obviously a clever little way to confirm that there will be (at least) three different shooters on the back of the Galaxy S23 Ultra.

Of course, we fully expect a quad rear-facing camera setup there, just like on the S22 Ultra last year... and the S21 Ultra the year before... and the S20 Ultra the year before.

This year's upgraded state-of-the-art imaging system, which is widely rumored to add a 10MP periscope telephoto sensor, 10MP "normal" telephoto camera, and 12MP ultra-wide-angle lens to the insane-sounding aforementioned 200MP main snapper, is also apparently "made for mooonlight", promising to deliver "stunning night photos" regardless of natural lighting conditions.

That's an admittedly and unsurprisingly vague but also intriguing claim when you consider that "nightography" is already a big part of Samsung's camera-centric Galaxy S22 Ultra advertising. If the S23 Ultra can further improve on its predecessor's nighttime photo-taking skills, that almost makes us more excited about this phone than the sheer upgrade in megapixels for that primary shooter.

But where is the Galaxy S23 Ultra?

That's right, friends and eagle-eyed readers, the upcoming ultra-premium Android handset itself does not show its face (or sides, or much of its back) in these freshly leaked videos. And that's almost certainly because we're looking at promotional materials here designed to go public (with sound, presumably) before the S23 series actually goes official.

These videos may or may not be uploaded to Samsung's YouTube account in the coming weeks, possibly alongside other such clips meant to hype up other key selling points and big Galaxy S23 Ultra features.

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Of course, we kinda sorta already know everything that's up Samsung's sleeve ahead of an Unpacked event almost surely scheduled for February 1, including things like reservation gifts, color, storage, and memory options, selfie credentials, display specs, and complete battery capacity details for the entire family.

One very important puzzle piece that hasn't been credibly uncovered and fully detailed yet is retail pricing, with one particularly concerning rumor just a few days ago suggesting that the S23 Ultra could cost more than its already extravagant predecessor. That's extremely hard to believe given the moderate (at best) sales scores of the Galaxy S22 series, but the mobile industry is a tough world to thrive in right now, so really, anything is (sadly) possible.

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