Galaxy S23 Ultra to feature superior selfie camera despite lower megapixel count

Galaxy S23 Ultra to feature superior selfie camera despite lower megapixel count
The year might have just started but one of the biggest smartphone releases of 2023 is right around the corner. We are of course referring to the Samsung Galaxy S23 lineup that is expected to debut next month.

Perhaps the most interesting smartphone out of the bunch will be the Galaxy S23 Ultra, one of the major contenders for the title of “Best Android smartphone of 2023”. Given the precarious position that Samsung is currently in, and the fact that last year’s models failed to meet commercial expectations, the stakes could not be higher.

Hence, one would expect from Samsung to make the S23 Ultra better than its predecessor in most, if not all aspects. However, there is one possible downgrade that many have not been particularly excited about - the fact that the Galaxy S23 Ultra could be ditching the 40 MP selfie camera of its predecessor in favor of a 12 MP one.

Nevertheless, according to new information, the front-facing camera of the S23 Ultra will actually be superior to the one found on the S22 Ultra, despite having a lower megapixel count. In a tweet, a tipster has revealed that the 12 MP front camera of the S23 Ultra will feature a “Pro" mode and “Dual Pixel” technology.

Additionally, the new sensor will be introducing improvements in low-light performance and “nightography”. In short, the leak claims that the overall camera quality will be higher, despite the loss of megapixels. It should be noted that megapixels are not everything when it comes to camera performance, so this sounds like a rational decision on Samsung’s part.

After all, the only thing that a high-megapixel, front-facing camera is certain to do well is pick up on all the minor blemishes one has on their face. Even if the new selfie camera of the S23 is not all that good, at least it will spare some people the inevitable body dysphoria that a 40 MP front-facing camera can bring about.

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