Samsung is prematurely showing off the Galaxy S23 series on its own website (and on Twitter)

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Samsung is prematurely showing off the Galaxy S23 series on its own website (and on Twitter)
Even though we're still several hours away from Samsung's highly anticipated (and thoroughly leaked) Galaxy S23 launch event at the time of this writing, the company appears to have been inspired by AT&T, "leaking" the entire next-gen high-end handset trio on its own official website in the Middle East.

That's right, the little promotional image you see above comes straight from the world's number one smartphone vendor, whose secrets are all out of the bag anyway.

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Hello there, you sexy things!

The prematurely published image depicts a light green S23 Ultra flanked by a so-called "cream" S23 and a "lavender" S23 Plus, thus doing a great job of promoting not just the general appearance of the three upcoming devices, but also the snaziness of three of their four "main" color options (the fourth one being black or "phantom black").

Unfortunately, Samsung doesn't go a step further (yet) to also show us the front panels of the Galaxy S23, S23+, and S23 Ultra ahead of their joint formal announcement later today, although of course, that's not the tech world's best-kept secret either.

The same goes for the three's key specs and features, which are not yet officially confirmed (by Samsung at least), partially showing up on AT&T's website earlier this week however while also being repeatedly leaked (in full) by some of the most reliable tipsters and insiders around.

Basically the only missing Galaxy S23 series puzzle piece remains the difference in retail pricing between various regions, which could be larger than originally expected. That's because US prices are likely to remain at last year's Galaxy S22 series levels, with pretty important hikes tipped in many other markets. As a quick recap, we're almost certain at this point that the "vanilla" S23 will start at $799 stateside with 128 gigs of internal storage space, while the S23+ and S23 Ultra are virtually guaranteed to cost $999 and $1,199 respectively in an entry-level 256GB configuration.

We also expect some killer Galaxy S23 deals and discounts to be offered right off the bat in the US in an attempt from Samsung to make this family a bigger commercial success than the S22 lineup. Whether that will ultimately happen remains to be seen, but for the time being, things aren't looking good from a financial standpoint.

But wait, there's more

More premature official confirmation from Samsung of the Galaxy S23 series designs, this time originating in Israel, and believe it or not, seemingly made public all the way back on January 29.

It's only today that the eagle-eyed Roland Quandt noticed this little Twitter gem, which probably shouldn't have gone live so early. And yes, we checked, that's a legit Samsung Israel account, verified as an "official business" on Elon Musk's favorite plaything social media platform.

There's obviously a very good chance the tweet above will be deleted at some point soon and then re-published when the Galaxy S23, S23 Plus, and S23 Ultra finally go officially official later today, wrapping up this absolute pre-launch circus. Don't get us wrong, it's been fun to follow Samsung's blunders and the avalanche of incredibly detailed leaks of the past couple of months... up to a point, but now enough is enough and it's (almost) time to see these bad boys in the flesh.

According to multiple leakers (and AT&T), online pre-orders will kick off later today, February 1, with actual in-store sales and deliveries set to follow on February 17, i.e. two weeks from Friday.
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