Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra might come with a peculiar downgrade

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra might come with a peculiar downgrade
New rumors about the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra have surfaced, stating it could come with a slight disappointment for fans and enthusiasts. Until now, the leaked information pointed at a max 8GB of RAM for the Galaxy S22 and S22+, and 12GB of RAM for the high-end Ultra version.

Last year, the Galaxy S21 Ultra came out with all of its variations rocking 12GB of RAM onboard. It seems, however, that will not be the case with the 2022 Ultra model. Well-known and reliable leaker Ice Universe, as well as some new Geekbench listings, say that the Galaxy S22 Ultra could come in 8/12/16GB of RAM. The 16GB, of course, is likely reserved for the recently rumored 1TB storage version of the ultimate Samsung flagship. (via SamMobile)

Now, last year Samsung cut the prices of its flagship lineup. Adding a Galaxy S22 Ultra with less RAM could be Sammy’s way of making the high-end variant even more attractive by making it more affordable. On the other hand, if the price does not go down and users end up getting less for the same money, the tech giant is bound to get some backlash, and understandably so.

The leaked Geekbench numbers show us the two options the Galaxy S22 Ultra will come in—one with the Exynos 2200 and another with the Snapdragon Gen 1. Both are displayed to feature 8GB of RAM, giving further ground for speculating we might see a combination of 8/12/16GB options.

A total of 8GB RAM is probably still enough for the S22 Ultra to breeze through daily tasks. Where this becomes more concerning, though, is when you start thinking of this power-user phone as the successor of the Note series. Since the Note line is, at least for now, thought to be “dead”, many expect the new Galaxy Ultra model to pick up the mantle. Leaks also point to such futures, like the 1TB storage option, the included S Pen, and more.

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