The best Galaxy Note 20 5G deal in a long time slashes $300 off Samsung's plastic flagship

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The best Galaxy Note 20 5G deal in a long time slashes $300 off Samsung's plastic flagship
With Samsung's latest ultra-high-end smartphones often sold at almost surprisingly hefty discounts already (given their unquestionable popularity) and Amazon's Prime Day festival right around the corner, it may not feel very wise to purchase last year's Galaxy Note 20 (at least not right now).

But since the Note 21 family is not expected to see daylight this year (if ever), cash-strapped S Pen fans might find Microsoft's newest eBay deal quite hard to resist. 

Normally priced at $999.99 and up, the 6.7-inch flat-screened Note 20 with built-in 5G support is on sale for as little as $699.99 at the time of this writing in three different paint jobs and limited inventory (as far as all three flavors are concerned).

You can choose from gray, bronze, and mint models... if you hurry, each of which comes brand-new, unused, unopened, and undamaged with full unlocked support for all major (and minor) US carriers.

Due to a number of very noticeable downgrades, compromises, and sacrifices made for the sake of affordability compared to the significantly costlier Note 20 Ultra 5G, the "standard" Galaxy Note 20 is arguably not a top contender for this year's overall best phone title.

At only seven Benjamins, however, the Snapdragon 865 powerhouse comes extremely close to some of the best budget 5G phones out there in terms of pricing while shining in both the design and specifications departments.

Granted, the plastic build is... not for everyone, and the absence of both a headphone jack and microSD card slot is simply inexcusable, but the battery life, cameras, and yes, even the 60Hz Super AMOLED display with a resolution of 2400 x 1080 pixels are outstanding for the price. 

Could an unlocked Samsung Galaxy Note 20 5G go down to an even lower price come Prime Day next month? Perhaps, we expect many Samsung Prime Day deals when the time comes, but right now, this is by far the best no-strings-attached deal available across the nation, as well as the best we've seen in roughly two and a half months.

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