Samsung's radically redesigned Galaxy Buds 3 will reportedly bring major sound upgrades in July

Samsung's radically redesigned Galaxy Buds 3 will reportedly bring major sound upgrades in July
Unveiled in the summer of 2021 and 2022 respectively, the "regular" Galaxy Buds 2 and super-premium Galaxy Buds 2 Pro could both receive welcomed sequels at the same time in 2024. Specifically, the aptly named Galaxy Buds 3 and Galaxy Buds 3 Pro are widely expected to see daylight alongside (at least) two new foldable phones and as many as three smartwatches at a crowded Unpacked event in July.

The previously rumored July 10 date and glamorous Paris location are once again reported by Korean media (translated here), but perhaps more importantly, The Chosun Ilbo claims to have found out some highly confidential information on the Galaxy Buds 3 from inside sources.

Assuming this intel is legit, which feels like a relatively safe prediction, Samsung's next-gen AirPods alternatives are gearing up to move away from the design of their forerunners. While not all current and former members of the Galaxy Buds family look identical, they do share a number of key cosmetic characteristics, resembling (to a larger or smaller degree) a certain elongated vegetable.

Surprisingly or not, it appears that the Galaxy Buds 3 will have nothing in common with kidney beans, possibly taking inspiration from Apple's stem-like AirPods instead. This drastic redesign, which may or may not bring Samsung's moderately popular buds in line with the industry-leading AirPods portfolio, should help with overall audio performance, call quality, and active noise cancellation as well.

In short, the Galaxy Buds 3 are today tipped to look vastly different from the Galaxy Buds 2 and sound significantly better in any and all noise scenarios, which is something that we can all agree would be a positive change no matter how much you might dig Samsung's current earbuds designs.

Although it's not entirely clear if today's Korean media report applies to both the Galaxy Buds 3 and Buds 3 Pro, it seems highly unlikely that Samsung will look to radically revise the appearance and performance of its "standard" earbuds while leaving the Pro model unchanged in any of the two departments. 

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Big improvements are expected to happen on the AI functionality front as well, but alas, we don't yet know how the Galaxy Buds 3 duo aims to leverage artificial intelligence to make your music listening and voice calling experience better, smoother, and more intuitive. We are super-excited to find out, though.

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