Vote now: Would you buy a phone without a front camera?

Vote now: Would you buy a phone without a front camera?
In the ever-going quest to get the all-screen, bezel-less phone of the future, companies have been exploring some very interesting concepts and solutions through the years. There was the period of the pop-up cameras, where the selfie snapper rose like a mechanical eye to capture that fleeting moment of vanity nobody really cared about.

There were systems that slid and turned the main camera system around (Samsung Galaxy A80), as well as crazy rotating main camera systems (Asus Zenfone 6 and 7 Flip). The latest technological leap is the under-display front camera that can take photos and videos under the pixels of the display.

And even if we leave the cynical part out of the equation and talk about Zoom meetings and productivity, the fact of the matter is that all the above solutions are just workarounds. The perfect concept for an all-screen phone would be one without a front camera. Whoa! Hold on a second, no selfie?

Well, yes. There were no front cameras on phones up until 1999, when Kyocera slapped one on one of its clamshell models. I know, I know, phones were different back then, and people could get away without a front-facing camera. What about today, though?

Would you even consider buying a phone without a front camera? And if the answer is yes, would it be a backup phone, a second phone, or your main daily driver? Vote in our poll, and let's decide this all-screen debate once and for all!

Would you buy a phone without a front camera?

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