Check out the funky design of the upcoming jumbo-sized OnePlus Pad

Check out the funky design of the upcoming jumbo-sized OnePlus Pad
What's generally considered unconventional in the tech industry has basically become tradition for OnePlus over the years, which made it... not that surprising to see the company confirm the imminent arrival of its first-ever tablet and the reportedly redundant 11R handset out of nowhere on its official Indian website.

Given that the OnePlus Pad was still entirely shrouded in mystery ahead of its February 7 launch alongside the aforementioned 11R and 11 5G phones, we obviously expected the company to reveal more about its rookie iPad-rivaling effort in the very near future.

Well, that future is now, as the previously vague OnePlus Pad teaser image on the "Cloud 11" event-dedicated webpage in India has been replaced with something a lot clearer. If you want even more clarity, Steve Hemmerstoffer (aka @OnLeaks) and MySmartPrice have you covered, revealing the... unique design of this impending 11.6-inch giant (pretty much) in full.

While the OnePlus Pad doesn't look all that different from other jumbo-sized Android slates available today when viewed from the front, its back is definitely something... special, including a large round ring at the center (of one of its sides) that will house a mysterious camera system.

We don't even know if the rear-facing camera setup will be composed of one or two sensors, let alone the specifications of said shooter(s), but this decidedly unorthodox visual choice guarantees the OnePlus Pad will stand out from the 2023 tablet pack in at least one notable way.

It's now also obvious that we're not looking at a simple clone of the 11-inch Oppo Pad with a different brand slapped on it, although most of the key specs and features remain under wraps for the time being.

Today's leaked renders seem to strongly suggest that the first-of-a-kind OnePlus Pad will rock a built-in pen allowing it to go directly up against Samsung's Galaxy Tab S8 family, as well as an iPad 10-style landscape front-facing camera.

Purportedly made entirely out of premium metal, this bad boy continues to keep us wondering about things like screen resolution, battery capacity and speeds, processing power, storage, and memory, which means it's impossible to predict whether its price point will end up closer to Apple's "regular" new iPad or something like the Galaxy Tab S8 Plus

Unfortunately, official US availability seems out of the question, and an exclusive release in India at some point next month is a definite possibility.

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