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The mid-range OnePlus Nord N10 5G and N100 are already hugely popular in the US

The mid-range OnePlus Nord N10 5G and N100 are already hugely popular in the US
While OnePlus undoubtedly disappointed a lot of its budget-conscious US-based fans last year by selling the company's latest high-end smartphones at higher prices than their forerunners and never releasing the mid-range Nord stateside, the second and third members of that latter family ultimately put a big smile on the faces of many consumers in the region last month.

Yes, the ultra-affordable OnePlus Nord N10 5G and N100 are officially available in the US in both unlocked and carrier-specific versions, and according to one market research firm, the two handsets are absolutely "blowing up" at one particular mobile network operator.

This is not one of the nation's big guns, mind you, but Metro by T-Mobile is still big enough that it could single-handedly account for more than two million Nord-series unit shipments in 2021 alone... if the mid-end duo can maintain its current share of the carrier's total sales. That's obviously not a given, but whether OnePlus will end the year closer to the one million or three million mark, the company has definitely got off to an auspicious start at the Magenta-owned prepaid wireless service provider.

The 4G LTE-only OnePlus Nord N100 and the Nord N10 5G are the brand's first-ever devices to be made available through the popular but challenging US prepaid channel, mind you, so it's certainly no small feat that the company has managed to jump from 0 to nearly 15 percent of Metro's overall sales already. 

Naturally, this is now officially the "highest share OnePlus has ever seen at a US carrier", far exceeding the smartphone manufacturer's T-Mobile and Verizon impact to date. That being said, the two US-friendly Nords seem to be generating a decent level of interest at Metro's parent carrier as well, tending to rapidly sell out the "minor shipments" available in physical T-Mo stores across the nation from time to time.

As things stand, OnePlus is quickly becoming a major contender for Motorola's US prepaid mid-range throne, but if the company can improve the nationwide distribution of its low-cost phones, the Nord family looks like a potentially big player on the postpaid scene too.

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