Here's how you can pick up the bold OnePlus 7 Pro at a completely irresistible price

Here's how you can pick up the bold OnePlus 7 Pro at a completely irresistible price
This may feel like an eternity ago given that OnePlus has radically changed its flagship design twice since then, but it was only last year that the company unveiled the Snapdragon 855-powered 7 Pro.

In a way, this thing is still the Chinese outfit's most ambitious high-end effort ever, sporting virtually no screen bezels whatsoever thanks to a bold motorized pop-up selfie camera that very few other major smartphone vendors dared to implement on their main hero devices in 2019.

Priced at a fairly reasonable $670 and up right off the bat, the 4G LTE-only OnePlus 7 Pro received a number of awesome discounts on the heels of this year's OnePlus 8, 8 Pro, and 8T 5G announcements, and unsurprisingly, the handset manufacturer itself no longer sells this bad boy through its official US website.

Although pretty hard to come by across the nation in brand-new condition, the 7 Pro can still be purchased as a refurb or "open box" unit from various eBay vendors, as well as other relatively trustworthy sellers like DailySteals. The latter e-store currently lists the phone at a great price of $399.99 with a 6-month warranty included, but if you remember to use the "ONEP7" coupon code before placing your order, you can take that all the way down to an irresistible and essentially unbeatable $329.99.

Check out the deal here

These refurbished devices available at 330 bucks a pop at the time of this writing will be shipped in their original retail packaging, mind you, while supporting T-Mobile and AT&T in addition to Sprint, which is technically the carrier it was initially intended for.

Even though DailySteals doesn't offer a lot of details about the cosmetic condition of the OnePlus 7 Pro units on sale at the special aforementioned price, these are supposed to look "excellent", which we'll assume means minimal signs of wear and tear.

With a whopping 8 gigs of memory and 256 gigs of internal storage space on deck, as well as a stunning 6.67-inch Fluid AMOLED display equipped with a resolution of 3120 x 1440 pixels and 90Hz refresh rate technology, not to mention a 30W fast charging-capable 4,000mAh battery and versatile 48 + 8 + 16MP triple rear-facing shooter system, we can probably all agree this is a much better sub-$400 option than the likes of Google's Pixel 4a

The only question you need to ask yourself before pulling the trigger here is whether or not you're willing to accept the inherent risks of buying a refurbished smartphone. If the answer is yes, then go for it, but be sure to do it quickly as there's no word how long this promotion might last.

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