Current OnePlus 13 'expectations' include 'micro curved' screen, overhauled camera 'decor', and more

Current OnePlus 13 'expectations' include 'micro curved' screen, overhauled camera 'decor', and more
Does it feel a little early to know a lot of things about the OnePlus 13? After all, the OnePlus 12 is only around four months old (and that's if we consider the latest flagship's Chinese launch), while the similarly impressive and significantly cheaper OnePlus 12R is even younger.

Well, it's clearly not premature to expect certain upgrades and changes from the brand's next big thing, and when the one doing the "expecting" just so happens to be a typically reliable source of inside information on unreleased devices from multiple key mobile industry players, we can't help but feel the following details are in fact more than simple assumptions.

Time to start picturing the OnePlus 13 in our heads!

Does it seem like all Android phones look pretty much the same nowadays? In its defense, OnePlus has sure tried all kinds of different things with the camera systems on the back of its high-end models over time, revising not just the number but the size and arrangement of said imaging sensors as well on several occasions in recent years.

Granted, the OnePlus 12 didn't exactly bring a radical redesign of its predecessor to the table, which might be precisely the reason why the OnePlus 13 is now expected to feature a "new rear camera decor & arrangement."

In the absence of leaked renders from the usual sources (or any sources at all), as well as more information on the matter from Yogesh Brar, all we can do for the time being is try to imagine some of the ways in which OnePlus could change the "rear camera decor" of its latest flagship.

Interestingly (and somewhat disappointingly), the OnePlus 13 is tipped to retain all the camera sensors of its forerunner, which means that in terms of real-world photography performance, this bad boy could well fall short of Samsung's Galaxy S25 Ultra and Apple's iPhone 16 Pro Max.

That's all guesswork, of course, unlike the "micro curved" 2K display "expected" by Yogesh Brar. This is likely the result of rumors from the inside, although we're not entirely sure what "micro curved" means in this context. 

For now, we'll assume the OnePlus 13 will be a mostly flat affair with barely noticeable curves, which certainly adds to that picture we have in our heads of a largely familiar next-gen Android powerhouse with a funky rear camera module composed of 50, 64, and 48MP lenses.

It's what's inside that counts

Whether or not you completely agree with that principle, we're sure you're interested in what the OnePlus 13 could pack under its hood. Current rumors expectations point to a wholly unsurprising Snapdragon 8 Gen 4 processor (that's not a thing yet), as well as a 5,400mAh battery equipped with 100W charging technology.

Those last two numbers, while superior to what Samsung's Galaxy S24 Ultra offers in the same departments, for instance, are unchanged compared to the OnePlus 12, which is just as underwhelming as hearing the camera sensors may stay the same in 2025 as this year.

At this time, there are no words on wireless charging speeds or things like memory and storage options, but even if there were, it clearly remains a little early to take such detailed specifications and features for granted. The main idea is that OnePlus is trying a few new things here while purportedly planning to leave a bunch of other areas untouched, which could end up disappointing some of the company's hardcore fans... or impressing with an unrivaled quality/price ratio. But we're once again getting ahead of ourselves there.

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