Best Buy's generous discount on the Lenovo Tab M11 keeps rolling

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Best Buy's generous discount on the Lenovo Tab M11 keeps rolling
Not long ago, we shared a fantastic promo on one of Lenovo's latest budget tablets, the Tab M11. Back then, the 64GB model was $50 off its MSRP, landing it at just $129.99. Fast forward to today, and we see the 128GB version sporting a $60 price cut, making it just $10 more expensive than the model with twice less storage.

Save $60 on the 128GB Lenovo Tab M11 at Best Buy

Best Buy's tempting deal on the Lenovo Tab M11 is still going strong. The 128GB slate is now available for $60 off its MSRP, giving you immense value for money. The device retails without the compatible Lenovo Tab Pen, so do keep that in mind.
$139 99
$199 99
Buy at BestBuy

Save $54 on the 128GB Lenovo Tab M11 + Lenovo Tab Pen

If you want to unleash your creativity or plan to use your Tab M11 for learning, perhaps you'd find Lenovo's deal more intriguing. It lets you save $54 on the 128GB Android 13 slate with the Lenovo Tab Pen. The promo is live at the official Lenovo store and might not remain active for long.
$165 74
$219 99
Buy at Lenovo

At the time of writing, this is the highest discount available for the 128GB Lenovo tablet. That's right! Neither Walmart nor Amazon, not even the official Lenovo store, have such a juicy discount on this affordable Android 13 device. So, if you're looking to get the most value for your investment on your new media consumption device, Best Buy's deal should definitely be on your radar.

But wait! This Android tablet supports a stylus, right? Well, if you'd like to sketch during weekend relaxation times or need to take notes, we'd recommend Lenovo's deal instead. Over here, the 128GB slate with the Tab Pen retails for a tad under $166, meaning you get to save 25% on its MSRP of $219.99.

Right off the bat, we should warn you not to expect wonders from this $199.99 tablet. At such a low price point, it obviously can't compare to premium powerhouses like the Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra or any other high-end Android tablet.

But if you need something for simple tasks like browsing the web, reading e-mails, watching videos, learning, or sketching, this could become your ideal companion. The slate features an 11-inch 1920x1200 display and quad speakers tuned for Dolby Atmos, a respectable (for the price) MediaTek processor, and 4GB of RAM.

Moreover, you get an 8MP selfie camera for video chats, plus another 8MP unit on the rear. With 10-hour video playback and promised Android 14 and Android 15 OS upgrades, plus security patches until 2028, this device indeed gives you good value for money. Perfect for casual entertainment and learning alike, it's now even more attractive at $60 off!

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