John Legere is up to his old tricks again, mocking Verizon on social media

John Legere is up to his old tricks again, mocking Verizon on social media
John Legere will be out as T-Mobile CEO on April 30 after arguably one of the most successful reigns in the history of the always competitive US wireless industry, and in anticipation of COO Mike Sievert's May 1 promotion, the "Un-carrier's" current flamboyant skipper took a step back from the spotlight in recent months.

Legere was obviously asked to testify in great detail in a high-profile trial awaiting its verdict that will reportedly end the Sprint merger saga once and for all, but other than that and the CEO's obligatory participation in the "New T-Mobile Un-carrier 1.0" announcement back in early November, the name that made so many headlines over the years attached to controversial or just outright silly statements pretty much disappeared from the public eye.

If you thought that meant the outspoken businessman had matured or decided to revise his communication style all of a sudden, you're in for a big surprise today, with the most Legere tweet possible going for Verizon's jugular (as always). But T-Mobile's soon-to-exit CEO didn't stop at captioning a popular meme format to once again ridicule Big Red's 5G rollout strategy, essentially kicking off a meme party by asking his followers to join in with their own jokes at "dumb & dumber's" expense.

It didn't take long for the puns and quips to pile up, although many of the so-called humorous replies to John Legere's original post fell flat. Perhaps the best jokes berated AT&T rather than Verizon (aka the "dumb" to Verizon's "dumber" in Legere's favorite example of insult comedy), but then again, Ma Bell's 5G E shenanigans remain a very easy target of this type of hostile humor.

If you can think of a better joke, you might still have time to enter John Legere's possible giveaway, although it's not entirely clear exactly what you stand to gain. For reference, Legere's favorite topics of mockery usually include the competition's hidden fees and surcharges, data caps, weak freebies and perks, and most of all, flawed 5G strategies. Of course, without Sprint's mid-band spectrum, T-Mobile's 5G prospects aren't looking great either. 

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