Google rolls out new Pixel bugfixes with Android 15 Beta 3.1

Google rolls out new bugfixes with Android 15 Beta 3.1
Android 15 logo | Image credit — Google

Google has just rolled out a small but important update to the Android 15 Beta program, fixing some pesky bugs that were causing issues with the user experience. This update, Android 15 Beta 3.1 (build AP31.240517.031), is focused on improving the overall user experience by addressing specific issues with the lock screen, face authentication, and system stability.

One of the main problems that Beta 3.1 tackles is the annoying lock screen bug that was making it difficult for users to interact with elements that shouldn't have required unlocking the device. This fix will definitely be welcomed by those who were constantly prompted to unlock their phone, even when trying to do simple tasks like checking notifications or controlling music playback.

Android 15 Beta 3.1 is now rolling out to devices registered in the Android 15 Beta program | Image credit — PhoneArena

Another issue that has been addressed is the occasional failure of biometric face authentication. This is a critical fix, as it ensures that users can rely on the security and convenience of unlocking their device with their face. While not all users may have experienced this problem, it's good to see that Google is taking steps to ensure that facial recognition works smoothly for everyone.

Beyond these two specific fixes, Android 15 Beta 3.1 also includes several other improvements that are aimed at making the system more stable, reliable, and efficient. These changes are less visible to the average user, but are essential for the overall performance of the operating system.

The update is currently available for a wide range of Pixel devices, including the latest Pixel 8 series, the foldable Pixel Fold, and the Pixel Tablet. It's also compatible with older models like the Pixel 6 and 7 series. Below is the full list of devices eligible to receive this update:

Additionally, to get the update, you'll need to be enrolled in the Android Beta Program. If you're already a Beta user, you should receive an over-the-air (OTA) update automatically within the next few days. If you're new to the Beta program, you can easily sign up and then wait for the update to arrive on your device.

It should be noted that Android 15 Beta reached "Platform Stability" with the last Beta 3 update. This means that all internal and external APIs and app-facing behaviors are finalized and mostly stable. However, as Android 15 is still under active development, there may be instances where some apps might not work as expected. Android 15 is expected to be available sometime later this year, but Google has not yet announced an official release date.

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