Tipster confirms we might see a ‘Google Pixel Roll’; ‘Pixel Fold’ expected towards the end of this year

We heard last week that Google is going to reportedly work with Samsung for a potential foldable display for an upcoming foldable Pixel. Now, reputable tipster Ross Young has started the speculation mill for a Pixel Roll, kind of confirming that we might actually see a rollable phone from Google. However, the tispter says the cool rollable will not come in the next 12 months.

A Pixel Roll is reportedly being planned by Google

The tipster says the Pixel Roll will not be coming in the next 12 months; however, in his Tweet, he claims the Pixel Fold will come towards the end of 2021. That, generally, is exciting news and if this expectation turns out to be correct, we might actually see the first foldable device from Google before 2021 ends.

As you might imagine, little else, in terms of specs, design, or prices, is known about these two devices at the moment. For the Pixel Fold (we aren’t sure this will be its official name, so keep that in mind) we have heard it will sport a 7.6-inch display made by Samsung. It is expected production of the panel to start towards October of 2021.

On the Google Pixel Roll, again this name might not be what Google decides to call it, in the end, we have little to no information at this time.

Google Pixel Fold and Google Pixel Roll may face tough competition

In terms of actual competition for these two interestingly designed phones, we have the Galaxy Z Fold 2, which is already on the market, bringing a lot of improvements over the last generation of the foldable, and then the upcoming Z Fold 3, which we expect to be announced sometime in August of 2021.

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China-based manufacturers, such as Xiaomi and Oppo, are also joining the competition with foldable phones, while the future now seems to be paving the way for rollables. For example, Oppo has teased its rollable phone, named Oppo X 2021, which was announced during the INNO Day 2020 event. Well, at the moment, this is just a concept smartphone and it features a retractable OLED display paired with a proprietary Roll Motor powertrain.

Unfortunately, as most of you may already know, a rollable phone was being prepared by LG before the company announced its retirement from the smartphone industry. So, the LG Rollable will most likely not be released.

We are yet to see how Google is planning on approaching foldable or rollable design. For now, we expect the company to release the Pixel 6 in the fall, while the affordable Pixel 5a is expected to hit the market sooner than the flagship Pixel 6.

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