Galaxy Z Fold 4 could finally appeal to mainstream premium users with flagship cameras

Galaxy Z Fold 4 could finally appeal to mainstream premium users with flagship cameras
Samsung's next foldable phones are still several months away, but we now have an idea of what to expect, thanks to Naver tipster lanzuk (via Tron). Since the third generation was a considerable improvement over the previous one, we have been told to temper our expectations. 

The Galaxy Z Fold 3 offers S Pen support and an under-display camera, and the Z Flip 3 comes with a significantly bigger outer screen. Both the handsets are more durable than their predecessors and also water-resistant. For the next generation, Samsung apparently plans on refining the existing features and adding a couple of new (major) ones.

Galaxy Z Fold 4 to feature two under display-cameras

The under-display camera on the Fold 3 is understandably not as good as conventional snappers and so, it's a relief that Samsung is supposedly going to equip the Galaxy Z Fold 4 with a better one. This time around, it will not just adorn the internal screen, but also the cover screen. This signals that Samsung has refined the tech enough to replace the standard selfie cameras with it entirely. 
The leaker also claims that the Fold 4 will have a better rear camera system than the current model. Despite their jaw-dropping price, Samsung's Fold phones don't offer flagship-level camera specs, and this could finally change with the Fold 4. 

The phone is rumored to keep the same 4,400mAh battery as the current model, and it may weigh a little less, but this largely depends on whether Samsung goes for a new hinge. The device is also tipped to be more water and dust-resistant. 

If an earlier report is to be believed, the cherry on the top will be the phone's lower starting price, which Samsung is apparently trying to achieve by bringing down per unit mass production cost. We already think it will be amongst the top phones of 2022. 

Galaxy Z Flip 4 may also ditch pinhole for under-display sensor

Now that Samsung is confident that its under-display camera tech is ready to replace conventional sensors, we can expect to see it on more of its phones. The first in line is seemingly the Z Flip 4, but there is still a little uncertainty around this, as a pinhole prototype also exists.

Like the Fold 4, the Galaxy Z Flip 4 is also likely to feature an improved hinge, better protection against water and dust, and the same battery capacity as the current generation, and it might be lighter than the Flip 3.

None of this is locked in stone, but the leaker appears confident that these specs will make it to the final versions. 

The devices will stick to the same launch time frame as the current models, meaning we can expect to see them in August 2022. Samsung hopes to triple sales of foldable phones to around 9.8 million next year from 3.2 million.

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