Where is the Burgundy Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4?

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Where is the Burgundy Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4?
The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 finally made its debut alongside its smaller brother - the Galaxy Z Flip 4. And while the latter comes in many tints and can be further customized with different shade combinations through its “Bespoke edition”, the Fold 4 can currently be pre-ordered in only three colors. Sort of.

Speaking of pre-ordering a Z-series foldable, you can do so at an exclusive price from the links below:

Get Galaxy Z Flip 4 for up to $500 off with trade-in

Samsung is currently offering the former foldable perfection with the Z Flip 4 name at up to $500 off. The deal applies with trade-ins, where you can trade in an eligible phone or tablet.
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Save $900 on a new Galaxy Z Fold 4 with trade-in

The cutting-edge Galaxy Z Fold 4 is available at Samsung.com for as low as $1019.99 with eligible trade-in. And this is for the 512GB variant! You can get it for even cheaper if you go with the lower 256GB model, and further cheaper if you buy it locked on certain carriers.
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Graygreen, Phantom Black and Beige are all really nice finishes, but some have been left wondering - where is the Burgundy Galaxy Z Fold 4? Well, according to Ross Young, a prominent tech insider, the Burgundy color variant of the Z Fold 4 enters production only in August and will be “very hard to get” with “very limited units” being produced.

Young first shared this information via a tweet. Given how few of Samsung’s promotional materials showcase the Burgundy Galaxy Z Fold 4, it is no surprise that the color option is going to be relatively niche. Additionally, because of the different production schedule, it will certainly arrive later than the other three color options.

On Samsung’s official website, the color is listed as an “online exclusive” and while it can be pre-ordered under the same conditions as the Phantom Black, Beige and Graygreen variants, Samsung gives a different time frame for deliveries.

According to the Korean tech giant, the Burgundy Galaxy Z Fold 4 “ships in 3-4 weeks”, as opposed to the other three color options which have a fixed delivery date - August 26th. Based on this information, users that opt for the Burgundy Fold could have to wait until September to receive their fancy new foldable.

At any rate, Burgundy is easily the most unique color out the bunch, and distinction almost always comes at a price. In this case, you will not have to pay more, but exercise a little bit of patience instead. If you are interested in reading more about the Galaxy Z Fold 4 colors, we have an article just for you.

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