Make camping extra fun with the EcoFlow RIVER 2 Pro, now $170 off at Amazon

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Make camping extra fun with the EcoFlow RIVER 2 Pro, now $170 off at Amazon
Having a portable power station does wonders when it comes to making your life more comfortable. They’re ideal for camping trips and can provide a backup power source for home use. And, while most of them are quite expensive, EcoFlow’s brilliant RIVER 2 Pro now retails at its second-best price on Amazon. You can now save $150 on the 768Wh station or pick the bundle with a 160W solar panel to claim $250 in savings. 

Grab the RIVER 2 Pro and save $170 on Amazon

EcoFlow's 768Wh station, the RIVER 2 Pro, is now $170 cheaper than usual at Amazon. The limited-time deal lets you get immense value for your money, as this station excels on multiple fronts. First off, it has 11 outlets, offers up to 1600W output through its AC outlets, has a long lifespan of up to 10 years, and recharges via AC 0-100% in just 70 minutes. Get it now and save big.

Grab the RIVER 2 Pro + 160W solar panel at $250 off

Alternatively, pick the RIVER 2 Pro bundle with the 160W solar panel and score $250 in savings. This is a fantastic deal, again available for a limited time, that lands the bundle at its second-best price on Amazon. The RIVER 2 Pro supports up to 220W solar input for 100% green recharging within seven hours. The station features 11 outlets and has a life cycle of over 3,000 charges before capacity hits 80%.

While the EF station has been cheaper during the Black Friday shopping bonanza, it hasn’t seen a more substantial discount off the shopping season than the one we now see. So, if you don’t want to wait until the next savings event, know that now’s a great time to score a bargain on this high-quality power station.

Things are pretty much the same with the bundle deal, savings-wise. The solar panel plus generator was sold at an extra $20 off in November last year, but prices haven’t plunged below the $650 mark on any other occasion.

What makes this fella a good choice? Frankly, everything! It has multiple outlets that let you charge up to 11 devices simultaneously, recharges quickly, has an extremely durable design and an equally impressive lifespan. At its current price, it easily beats some of the best portable power stations out there. Let’s get into more detail. 

The RIVER 2 Pro features four 800W pure sine wave AC outlets with a peak of 1600W. This high output power makes the station suitable for 80% of home appliances. Aside from those, you have one USB-C with a max output of 100W, plus an extra three USB-A outlets for equipment and device charging. Like most other options, this one has one standard Car Outlet. In case you have equipment running on direct current, EF gives you two standard DC(5521) outlets.

As you can see, this bad boy is pretty versatile. But this isn’t the only good thing about it. The station also recharges via four methods, while most other options on the market have a three-way charging system. Here, you can also use USB-C to juice up your station. Total recharge times are quite fast, as hinted earlier. EcoFlow says you should get 0-100% power through AC in just 70 minutes.

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Additionally, the station has a great lifecycle, which is on par with the competition. It should stay with you for up to 10 years, with a life cycle of 3,000+ charges before capacity hits 80%.

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