This crazy-good BLUETTI power station deal at Amazon helps you save a ton of money

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This crazy-good BLUETTI power station deal at Amazon helps you save a ton of money
Becoming more independent in your power needs doesn’t come cheap. Indeed, most high-quality portable power stations can set you back over $1,000. With a solar panel or two in the picture, things add up to an even more considerable investment. Fortunately, it’s not all doom and gloom, for we’ve just found an epic BLUETTI station deal on Amazon! Brace yourself for a killer 45% discount on the AC180!

We’re not just joking around – Amazon indeed sells this incredible 1152Wh portable power station with a PV200 solar panel at a price that will simply blow your mind! The limited-time deal helps you save a whopping $719 on your purchase. This humongous price reduction lands the bundle that typically costs $1,600 at its lowest price ever seen on Amazon. What an epic promo indeed!

BLUETTI AC180 + PV200 solar panel: 45% OFF!

The BLUETTI AC180 is a portable solar generator with 1152Wh capacity. The station features 11 ports. Those include a 1800W pure sine inverter with four AC outlets, a wireless charging pad, four USB-A ports, 1xUSB-C (100W), and a 12V Cigarette Lighter Port. The station supports 1,440W Turbo Charging for 0-80% power in just 45 minutes. You can also charge it via solar power (500W max) or through your vehicle. The station currently sells on Amazon alongside a 200W PV200 solar panel at its best price ever. You can now save 45% on it, which makes it a dream come true for just about any user!

BLUETTI AC180: Save 37% on Amazon

Don't really need the solar panel? No worries! The station alone is also on sale right now. Currently, Amazon offers it at 37% off its price tag. To sweeten the pot, Amazon gives you an extra 5% discount when you purchase the AC180 and another BLUETTI product (select options are available). The highly versatile station can be used as a UPS with switch-over times of 20ms and supports charging in three ways. The station can be controlled remotely via the BLUETTI app. Don't miss out on this killer-good offer and save 37% on the AC180 if you want to become more independent in your power needs.

With a five-year worry-free warranty and an impressive LiFePO4 battery life of over 3,500 cycles before capacity drops to 80%, this station is made to stay with you for as long as possible. The solar generator is exceptionally versatile, featuring 11 ports for 99% of home appliances and equipment. Let’s break those down.

The 1152Wh BLUETTI station has an 1800W pure sine inverter with 4x20A outlets. But that’s not all – the AC180 also boasts a Power Lifting Mode. It gives you 2700W surge output power for devices like kettles, hair dryers, and more.

Aside from the AC outlets, the station features a wireless charging pad, a USB-C port, four USB-A outlets, and a 12V Cigarette Lighter Port for car charging, making it super convenient. To put things in perspective, the station can charge a phone over 100 times, run a fan for over 25 hours, keep a coffee maker running for about an hour, etc.

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As if that’s not enough, the AC180 also features expandable capacity. You can connect it to expansion batteries like the B80, B230, or B300 to reach a maximum capacity of 4,224Wh. Other fantastic features include remote control via the BLUETTI app and UPS capabilities with a switch-over time of just 20ms.

Ultimately, the BLUETTI solar generator provides immense value for money. With its 1800W pure sine inverter with four AC outlets, 500W solar input support, and 0-80% charging in just 45 minutes, the AC180 is worthwhile even at its regular price. But you can now get it at almost half off! So, don’t sleep on it and pull the trigger on Amazon’s epic deal while you can!

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