Best AT&T phone plans: Unlimited and prepaid offers for new and existing customers

Best AT&T plans
One of the three big carriers, AT&T, is among the best possible choices one could make for mobile carrier service in the US. The carrier was founded nearly forty years ago and is actually the largest telecommunications company in the world when it comes to overall revenue. AT&T has very good 5G and excellent 4G LTE coverage.

But with such abundance of available plans, it's a bit easy to get lost in all the options available. What's more, it's also unfortunately possible to go with the wrong plan for your specific needs, and either pay for more than you need or end up with a plan that can't keep up with your usage patterns.

In this article, we will be guiding you through all the available unlimited data and other cell phone plan options that AT&T has in store for you.


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AT&T Phone Plan Types

AT&T has a slew of available unlimited data and cell phone plan options for you, both prepaid and postpaid. The benefit of prepaid ones is that you're not bound to a multi-year contract, but at the same time, regular postpaid plans with an annual contract are much more affordable and usually have better benefits or less restrictions.

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The carrier has three postpaid unlimited plans in its portfolio: AT&T Unlimited Starter, AT&T Unlimited Extra, and the A&T Unlimited Premium plan. All of these are pretty similar, as they all give you unlimited texting, unlimited high speed data, and unlimited talk, but there are some important differences between the three plans that certainly differentiate each of these unlimited data plans.

Aside from regular postpaid plans, AT&T has prepaid plans in its portfolio as well. These include AT&T Unlimited, AT&T 16GB 12-month, and AT&T 5GB, which is the most affordable one. All of these include 5G data access, as well as unlimited talk and text, but only the AT&T Unlimited prepaid plan has non-restricted data access included, however that one has no rollover data, as well as only SD media streaming.

Best AT&T Phone Plans for Individuals

So, if you're a regular person, which plan could be the best fit for you?

If you're willing to have a true unlimited premium plan on your phone, with unrestricted unlimited data, then it would make sense to go with AT&T's best plans, which are its regular offerings with a.

  • Judging by all the options, the all-around best-value plan seems to be the AT&T Unlimited Extra, as it combines 50GB of unlimited data that can't be deprioritized, a decent amount of data hotspot allowance, enough media streaming, all for $75 for individuals and only becomes more affordable as you start adding up lines.

  • Second-best comes the most expensive AT&T Unlimited Premium plan, but that one will cost you a pretty penny, especially if you don't combine a few lines and benefit from the cheaper monthly price. If money is no problem and you're dead-set on being an AT&T subscriber, then you can't really go wrong with the AT&T Unlimited Premium plan.

However, if you're unwilling to bind yourself to a yearly plan, you can consider one of the prepaid plans, which we will be discussing shortly.

Best AT&T Prepaid plans

Admittedly, prepaid plans don't have hidden fees or surprise limitations, but they normally don't enjoy the same amount of perks and overall plan benefits that regular annual plans do. Additionally, you get way less data than a comparable unlimited plan, but on the other hand, AT&T's prepaid plans offer no annual contract, no credit check, and easy activation.

All of AT&T's prepaid plans have their pros and cons, so picking the one for you should be done after careful consideration of both your needs and your budget. The one seemingly best The most affordable one (AT&T Prepaid 5GB) isn't necessarily the best-value one, and if you go for the priciest option in this tier (AT&T Prepaid Unlimited), you are already better off with a regular Unlimited plan.

  • Possibly the best value plan here is AT&T Prepaid 16GB 12-month. This one is a bit tricky, as it requires an advance payment of $300 for the first twelve months of service, but will only cost you $25 a month afterwards. Now to the good part: this plan gives you 16GB of high-speed data that can't be throttled or deprioritized. You can also use the full data allotment of this prepaid plan to use as a hotspot if you wish so, and you can also stream 4K UHD media. Unused data will carry to the next month as well. 

  • With A&T Prepaid Unlimited, you get unlimited text, talk, and data, but you might get deprioritized during busy hours, so your overall download speeds could suffer and lead to unpleasant experience. Interestingly, you don't get deprioritized with the rest of the prepaid plans. AT&T Prepaid Unlimited also doesn't give you 4K UHD streaming, and its hotspot data allowance is only limited to 5GB. All of that could be yours for $65 a month.

Finally, the AT&T Prepaid 5GB plan will get you just 5GB of data per month, which isn't viable these days. Once you run out, your speeds will be throttled to 128Kbps, which isn't viable for anything else than simple text messages. You can use all of your allotted data in hotspot mode if you wish so, rollover unused data to the next billing period.

Best AT&T Phone plans for families

Families can benefit from the awesome perks offered by AT&T's Unlimited plans. That's why the more lines you add, the cheaper each one becomes. For example, a single line of AT&T Unlimited Premium can run you $85, but if you combine four lines into your plan, you will pay just $50 per line, which is a bargain. This applies to all of AT&T's Unlimited offerings.

The best plan will likely depend on your needs. Arguably the best value one is AT&T Unlimited Extra plan, which strikes a good balance between the pricing and the available features. It gives you unlimited, unrestricted access up to 50GB per line, after which deprioritization could lower down your download speeds; you also get standard media streaming, and a decent 15GB of hotspot allowance per line. If you're a family of three or four, there's no reason to be paying more.

However, if you don't enjoy the idea of being throttled down or want to enjoy quality 4K media streaming as well as up to 50GB of hotspot data allowance per month, then the AT&T Unlimited Premium is the plan for you.

Best AT&T Phone plans for seniors

AT&T has a bunch of perks for customers that are 55+ years old.

AT&T Unlimited 55+ is a good plan for seniors that includes unlimited data, text, and talk, with the rather appealing pricing of $60 per one line or $80 for two. This plan includes deprioritization, yes, but is definitely a great deal for customers aged 55 and older. What's more, if you're a qualified Florida AARP member, you can get up to $50 in savings on activation and upgrade fees, which is awesome.

Of course, nobody forces you to use this plan. If you're a single individual who doesn't do much web browsing or too much available mobile data, you might find AT&T's prepaid plans sufficient for your needs. The most affordable prepaid plan, AT&T Prepaid 5GB, has 5GB of data, enough for casual browsing. The unlimited talk and text, as well as rollover data mean that you could do just fine with this plan, and its appealing price tag of $30 a month means that you won't have to break the bank.

If you're part of a family of two or more, or are an avid internet denizen, then the AT&T Unlimited Extra is once again an excellent offering, with no deprioritization until 50GB of data a month per line, decent hotspot allowance, and good price.

Best AT&T Business plans

If you're a part of a business, AT&T has some really neat offerings.

The best AT&T business plan for you would mostly depend on the lines you intend to open. The price difference between the most premium business plan, Business Unlimited Elite, and the second-tier AT&T Business Unlimited Performance isn't that big: just $50 when you add up to 10 lines on a single plan.

However, given that the main difference between the two top business plans is the media streaming quality and the hotspot data allowance, one might be tempted to go for the AT&T Business Unlimited Performance plan, which seems like the best bet for business professionals, and actually doesn't run that expensive considering that you will only be paying $35 per line a month if you add 10 lines.

All of the plans above can access 5G and 5G+, and have unlimited domestic data, talk, and text, as well as no roaming charges in Mexico and Canada. You can also send texts from the US to over 200 other countries at no extra charge. The AT&T Unlimited Elite plan also includes roaming perks for countries in Latin America, giving you unlimited talk, text, and data at no extra cost.

Can I bring an unlocked device to AT&T?

Yes, you can bring your unlocked phone to AT&T and enjoy the carrier's services without any activation fees or annual contracts. iPhones are included in this undertaking, so you're free to get your iPhone from elsewhere and bring it to AT&T. The deal applies to both prepaid and regular plans. Of course, the device has to be compatible with AT&T's network and be unlocked. AT&T would even throw in $250 in bill credits for 25 months if you bring your own device to AT&T; this means you can save $10 a month.

What kind of customer support does AT&T provide to its customers?

Yes, AT&T's customer support is available around the clock. Whenever you stumble upon an issue regarding your mobile service, you can call 800 331 0500 or 611 from your phone. This line is available to resolve your problems 24/7. In the meantime, if you happen to have issues with your home internet or home phone, you can call 800 288 2020. This one can also be contacted 24/7.

Does AT&T have good coverage?

AT&T has excellent coverage of the US, and actually ranks second best, right after Verizon. Most of the continental US is covered by AT&T, with more than 70% of the US boasting 4G LTE support, and more than 30% of the area enjoying 5G service. AT&T is often lauded as having the best rural coverage in the US, but it still trails behind Verizon and T-Mobile which have better 5G coverage.

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