Sprint customers are getting an even 'easier path' to T-Mobile's best 5G deals

Sprint customers are getting an even 'easier path' to T-Mobile's best 5G deals
T-Mobile truly, madly, deeply wants every single Sprint subscriber out there to stick with the 2020-supercharged "Un-carrier", which has managed to grow at an incredible pace over the last couple of years or so in terms of both its user base, and perhaps more importantly, its nation-leading 5G network.

To ensure no legacy Sprint customers are inconvenienced too much (or, indeed, at all) in their migration process to T-Mobile, the second-largest wireless service provider stateside has essentially eliminated said process, at least according to an internal presentation of sorts seemingly revealed in full by the always reliable folks over at The T-Mo Report.

You can keep your plan AND get a free "flagship" 5G device

If that sounds too good to be true... then you must not be familiar with T-Mo's incredibly competitive promotions and aggressive Un-carrier moves, which have undoubtedly contributed to record-breaking customer gains during one of the toughest years in the company's existence from a PR perspective.

All things considered, we're almost surprised it took Magenta this long to craft a 2.0 version of its hugely successful Sprint Forward program including an "easy upgrade path with no account changes or migration required."

That's right, if you're clinging on to your old Sprint rate plan for dear life (for some reason), you might want to visit a T-Mobile store and check out what kind of a free 5G smartphone you're eligible for with a trade-in and nothing else.

The "best deals" revealed nearly five months ago will now be available with basically no effort on your part, including no actual "migration" to a new T-Mobile plan and no AAL (add a line) required. While many Sprint subscribers should easily qualify for a free "flagship 5G device" from Apple or Samsung, those looking to upgrade from an old phone using ancient 3G technology will probably need to settle for a humbler "free 5G device."

Last but certainly not least, the Sprint Select program is essentially going unchanged, continuing to promise "free flagship 5G devices" and a bunch of other benefits like Magenta Max Welcome discounts, complimentary third lines of service, and PPO forgiveness for customers who do want to migrate to a T-Mobile plan and are a "right fit."

Otherwise put, Magenta is truly doing everything in its power and pulling out all the stops to make it as simple, hassle-free, and financially advantageous for Sprint customers to not switch to Verizon or AT&T. No wonder the Sprint Forward program facilitated 2.4 million migrations and 3.4 million upgrades in 2021, two numbers that could easily grow in 2022 with these 2.0 enhancements.

But wait, there's more

More ways to make sure Sprint holdouts will not be discernibly impacted by the "Now Network's" fast-approaching shutdown(s), that is, including an "automated migration readiness" process dubbed Magenta Complete.

First detailed just a couple of months or so back, this is getting a full (and technically unofficial) schedule today, as T-Mobile apparently expects no less than 4 and 8 million current Sprint customers to be ready for automatic migration to the "Un-carrier's" billing system by July 2022 and January 2023 respectively.

Those who will be deemed eligible for "automated migration" under the Magenta Complete program won't have to lift a finger, visit a store, or make any manual effort whatsoever to officially become T-Mobile customers.

That being said, Sprint's CDMA and LTE networks are still set to be permanently discontinued at the end of March and June 2022 respectively, so it might be wise to check if your devices will remain compatible with T-Mobile's 4G LTE and/or 5G signals going forward if you don't want to lose your service out of nowhere soon.

For its part, T-Mo aims to upgrade every single CDMA/non-VoLTE device out there by the end of Q1 2022 while setting a sufficiently distant June 2023 deadline for all the aforementioned automatic migrations to be carried out that you really don't have to worry about being left behind when all this effort will finally come to an end.

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