Here's how T-Mobile will make you switch from Sprint: free 5G phones and plan discounts

Here's how T-Mobile will make you switch from Sprint: free phones and plan discounts
After playing with the stick by preventing Sprint subscribers from new phone leases on their own plans, T-Mobile will now be dangling the carrot, judging from another leaked internal memo by the T-Mo Report.

There will be a new 3-step program to launch this Friday, August 20th, to lure and welcome current Sprint users that the Un-carrier inherited after the Sprint merger, to the big T-Mobile family of phones and unlimited 5G plans.

T-Mobile's Sprint Forward Initiative steps

  1. The Sprint Customer Promise - this appears to simply be a general statement of goodwill intent.
  2. Sprint Select - a program of incentives for those who are ready to switch from Sprint to T-Mobile.
  3. Sprint TechUp - upgrades for Sprint customers whose phones may stop working after the Sprint network shutdown.

Sprint Select

The Select part of the Sprint Forward Initiative program is for those who have newer phones but would still want T-Mobile to be their new service provider, and the Un-carrier makes sure that it will be there for them when they start planning the switch. 

The star of the Select incentives is the move form their current Sprint plan to T-Mobile's Magenta MAX for just $155 a month for four lines instead of $170/mo. Sprint's Flex Pay program customers, on the other hand, that have finished their 18-month lease period but still have month-to-month payments left, will see those waived if they move to a T-Mobile plan.

Sprint TechUp

TechUp is apparently only for those folks who are still chilling with an older device that will be affected by Sprint's CDMA network shutdown December 31st. They can choose from no less than 14 free phones like the Samsung Galaxy A32, Revvl V+, and OnePlus Nord N200, all three of which have 5G connectivity.

For upgraders who'd want to move to flagships, there will be up to $830 towards an iPhone and Galaxy trade-in, but, in any case, the TechUp promos seem exclusive to those Sprint customers that will really be in a need for an upgrade once the network sunset begins at the end of this year.

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