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T-Mobile adds a firm Sprint LTE network shutdown date to its bold 5G supremacy plan

T-Mobile adds a firm Sprint LTE network shutdown date to its bold 5G supremacy plan
When it's not busy treating customers to free 5G smartphones, hugely valuable Amazon gift cards, and decidedly unconventional publicity stunts, T-Mobile continues to work hard behind the scenes to tie up all the loose ends resulting from its high-profile Sprint acquisition last year.

While the merger between the third and fourth-largest wireless service providers stateside, which almost instantly led to the birth of the industry's number two player, was officially completed more than 14 months ago, the "Now Network" is still alive and well at multiple levels.

But that's not going to be true much longer, as Magenta intends to shut down Sprint's CDMA signal "on or around" January 1, 2022, according to a document quietly made public at the very end of 2020, followed by an even bigger move potentially scheduled for June 30, 2022.

Sprint users beware!

That looks like a pretty firm Sprint LTE network termination date, mind you, and although the "Un-carrier" has yet to confirm this target, we have no real reason to doubt the legitimacy and accuracy of the latest leak concerning a much-discussed topic on Reddit over the last 12 months or so.

This is a decidedly ambitious plan on T-Mo's part, which could leave a significant number of legacy Sprint customers without service relatively quickly after the finalization of the aforementioned merger, although in all fairness, that was a very long time coming.

In other words, all prudent customers should have switched to a modern device "compatible with the T-Mobile LTE or 5G network" by now, especially considering how easy and cheap Magenta has made these vital upgrades of late.

Unfortunately, the list of Sprint LTE and 5G devices not compatible with the T-Mobile LTE and 5G networks remains under wraps, but if you're the stubborn owner of an older handset purchased from the defunct carrier, it might be safe to choose one of the best T-Mobile phones available in 2021.

Obviously, you won't have to worry about this type of thing for a very long time if you do that, and if you go for one of the best T-Mobile deals right now, you may not need to spend much... or indeed anything to embrace the future of wireless connectivity.

Just make the jump already!

Keep in mind that you might not even be able to use your old 4G LTE-enabled phone to make 911 calls after June 30, 2022 if you insist on delaying the inevitable. 

For what it's worth, T-Mobile does plan to wait until the end of next year to retire its own 2G network, although we can't say the same about Sprint's 2G and 3G signals, both of which are set to go away entirely "on or around" January 1, 2022.

In case you're wondering, all of these shutdowns are an integral part of T-Mo's aggressive strategy aimed at conquering the US 5G landscape. A leaner and less fragmented network can deliver better speeds and broader coverage across the nation, not to mention a more reliable signal for all subscribers.

It's safe to say that everyone can (or at least should want to) get behind such a goal, which is why it's important to make sure you own a T-Mobile 4G or 5G-compatible phone equipped with a T-Mobile SIM card ahead of next June. 

You can of course do that by reaching out to T-Mobile or Sprint's customer support channels for both everyday consumers and the "valued business customers" the message posted on Reddit appears to be specifically addressed to. The sooner, the better.

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