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Best iPhone 12 mini screen protectors

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Best iPhone 12 mini screen protectors
The iPhone 12 mini was one of the hottest phones of 2020. It marked the official revival of the compact smartphone and the hype around this little gem is still strong. You can check out our full iPhone 12 mini review and if you like the phone or you've already bought one, the next step is to get a case. We've compiled a special pick for you, and you should definitely take a look at our best iPhone 12 mini cases article. 

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Chances are, however, that if you're reading this, you've already bought the iPhone 12 mini, along with a nice case. The last piece of the puzzle is a screen protector, of course. Apple boasts its new "ceramic shield" glass but an extra layer of protection is always welcomed. Here are the best iPhone 12 mini screen protectors.

iPhone 12 mini screen protectors you can buy right now

Best iPhone 12 mini screen protector overall

ZAGG - InvisibleShield Glass Elite VisionGuard+ Antimicrobial

If you want the absolute best for your new little gem - the iPhone 12 mini, the InvisibleShield Glass Elite VisionGuard+ Antimicrobial screen protector from ZAGG is hard to beat. The Glass Elite technology offers the strongest glass in ZAGG's lineup and the company claims that it's four times stronger than any other glass protector on the market. There's also an antimicrobial treatment that kills up to 95% of human coronavirus after 30 minutes, and up to 99.9% of Staph and E. coli surface bacteria, which is really helpful in the current global health situation. To top it off, this iPhone 12 mini screen protector offers blue light filtering through the VisionGuard technology, which filters harmful high-energy visible (HEV) blue light without distorting the color performance. It's the best overall iPhone 12 mini screen protector and its price reflects that.

Best iPhone 12 mini Privacy screen protectors

ZAGG - InvisibleShield Glass Elite Privacy+

The so-called privacy screen protectors offer a cool concept - they obscure the screen of your phone for everyone but you. This is achieved through clever polarization of the glass, making it dark when viewed at an angle and perfectly clear when you look at it dead straight. It's a clever way to conceal your secrets while at the same time protect your phone's screen. There are many brands that offer privacy screen protectors but ZAGG is the way to go, mainly because the privacy feature is a bonus on top off all other great protection technologies. You get the extreme shatter protection, the antimicrobial coating, and the anti-fingerprint surface treatment. The InvisibleShield Glass Elite Privacy+ iPhone 12 mini screen protector is hard to beat when it comes to features but its price is as premium as it gets.

Insignia - Privacy Glass Screen Protector for iPhone 12 mini

$45 bucks for a single slate of glass is quite expensive, that's tue. Another take on the privacy technology comes from Insignia. You get the same polarization that will shield your iPhone 12 mini screen from prying eyes but at a very reasonable price. The Insignia - Privacy Glass Screen Protector is also rated at 9H hardness and comes with an alignment tools for easy installation.

Insignia - Privacy Glass

- Screen Protector for iPhone 12 mini - Clear

PureGear 2-Way Privacy Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Privacy matters and Pure Gear knows it. This iPhone 12 mini screen protector will take care of stalkers and screen watchers while protecting your phone from scrapes, scratches, and greasy fingers and maintaining the smooth, easy-to-use feel of the touchscreen. It is made using high-quality tempered glass and also comes with a special Alignment Tray that makes installation straightforward, simple and bubble-free.

Belkin Tempered Glass Privacy Anti-Microbial iPhone 12 mini Screen Protector

This Belkin iPhone 12 mini screen protector combines the cool privacy feature with an antimicrobial treatment. The coating reduces growth of bacteria on your screen up to 99% while keeping nosey onlookers at bay with the polarized privacy filter. This screen protector features enhanced resistance from scratches, scuffs, bumps and impacts, and won't mess up with touch sensitivity.

Best iPhone 12 mini tempered glass screen protectors

Totallee iPhone 12 mini screen protector

The Totallee iPhone 12 mini screen protector is made of durable tempered glass. It is an edge-to-edge solution that covers the entire front of your iPhone 12 mini for maximum protection from scratches, scuffs, and shatters. This screen protector is only 0.02" thin and is designed to work with a wide range of iPhone 12 mini cases.

Spigen Tempered Glass iPhone 12 mini Screen Protector

Spigen offers really good price/quality options on cases as well as screen protectors. It's a well established brand and you don't need to worry about sketchy practices and quality problems. The Spigen Tempered Glass iPhone 12 mini Screen Protector covers all the bases and will guard your iPhone 12 mini with its 9H hardness and fight fingerprints with an oleophobic coating. You get two glass slates in the pack, plus an installation tray for easy application. The price is really good too.

Belkin UltraGlass Anti-Microbial iPhone 12 mini Screen Protector 

This Belkin UltraGlass Anti-Microbial Screen Protector is engineered to provide the strongest protection for your iPhone 12 mini. The tempered glass is actually double ion-exchange strengthened, and also offers the highest possible scratch resistance rating. As we all live in a COVID-19 infused reality, there's a new, anti-microbial coating reduces 99% of bacterial growth on your screen, without sacrificing touchscreen response or clarity. The thickness is just 0.29mm which ensures flawless touchscreen operation and crystal clear viewing experience. 

Best affordable iPhone 12 mini screen protectors

ESR Tempered glass iPhone 12 mini screen protector

If you want a more affordable option that doesn’t compromise durability, you can check this ESR tempered glass screen protector. It is designed to withstand up to 5 kg of pressure for serious protection, and also features an installation frame and cleaning kit in the package. You get three glass slates that are specially designed for the iPhone 12 mini. The price is really good too.

UniqueMe iPhone 12 mini screen protector

There’s an even better deal from UniqueMe. The company’s pack of 4 iPhone 12 mini screen protectors comes at an insane price but still offers everything you need to keep your new compact phone safe. This screen protector is only 0.03 mm thick, case-friendly, and offers a 99.99% transparency so you won’t even notice it’s there. There’s also an oleophobic coating to battle those smudges and fingerprints.

iPhone 12 mini screen protectors with Screen insurance

Gadget Guard Black Ice+ iPhone 12 mini screen protector $250+

This one is quite interesting. Normally, screen protector manufacturers offer warranty on the screen protector itself. Gadget Guard takes things a step further adding up to $250 insurance to your purchase. What it means is that if you happen to break your iPhone 12 screen while the Gadget Guard protector is on, you will receive up to $250 towards the screen repair. The protector itself is a bit pricey but you're getting peace of mind and that's really priceless. 

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