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Apple Maps quietly expands Flyover and Indoor Maps locations, other upgrades also available

Apple Maps quietly expands Flyover and Indoor Maps locations, other upgrades also available
Apple has a lot of software that just works, often better than the competition, generating a much-needed steady stream of revenue during a time of shrinking iPhone sales. But Apple Maps was never able to recover from the 2012 Google Maps-replacing fiasco on iOS devices, despite the Cupertino tech giant’s best efforts.

Of course, Apple isn’t ready to admit defeat just yet, working discreetly and diligently on improving the strengths and coverage of its web mapping service. As discovered by MacRumors, both the Flyover and Indoor Maps features have been significantly expanded of late, adding dozens of new locations around the world.

With Flyover, Apple Maps users can, well, fly over select picturesque cities and areas, checking out “photo-realistic”, interactive 3D views from above on iPhones and iPads. Availability has gradually ramped up since the 2012 launch, with newly added places on the list including Cannes (France), Freeport (Bahamas), Gifu (Japan), Lake Tahoe (California), Monaco, Padua (Italy), Preston (England), Treviso (Italy), Valladolid (Spain), Yokkaichi (Japan), and many, many more.

Meanwhile, Indoor Maps, which offers “detailed directions inside major airports and shopping centers around the world”, now covers North Carolina’s Raleigh-Durham International Airport, as well as way too many new shopping malls to list here.

Other notable recent upgrades include public transit information available in larger parts of Louisiana and Minnesota, as well as speed limits for Canadian Apple Maps users. Unfortunately for Apple, Google Maps has been updated a number of times lately as well, both on Android and iOS, focusing both on the driving and communication aspects of the app. So, yeah, it’s still hard for Apple Maps to stand out.


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