Apple's iPhone SE drops below $100 with 64GB storage in killer new refurbished deal

Apple's iPhone SE drops below $100 with 64GB storage in killer new refurbished deal
It sure looks like that mythical iPhone SE 2 will finally happen early next year, but before getting too excited, hardcore fans of compact handsets should keep in mind this thing is widely expected to draw inspiration from the 4.7-inch iPhone 8

While small by today's standards, that's not exactly on par with the original 4-inch iPhone SE model, which measures a super-diminutive 123.8 x 58.6 x 7.6 mm, tipping the scales at a measly 113 grams. Besides, although the iPhone SE 2 (name unconfirmed, by the way) is rumored to start at a fairly reasonable price, that also can't compare with how incredibly cheap its predecessor can often be purchased nowadays.

Case in point, a killer new deal offered by top-rated eBay seller BuySpry, allowing you to pick up a manufacturer refurbished unit for as little as $95.99. That may not sound impressive for those who've been keeping up with Woot's frequent sales on the 2016-released phone, but these are 64GB storage variants we're talking about here rather than entry-level configurations accommodating just 16 gigs of data locally.

Purportedly refurbished by an "authorized official refurbishment facility", the ultra-affordable iPhone SE on sale here is expected to display moderate signs of wear "such as scratches, scuffs, nicks, or dents", but overall, the handset's condition is described as "good." Unfortunately, you'll have to use this pint-sized bad boy on AT&T, as Sprint-locked and GSM unlocked versions are currently listed as out of stock. 

You don't get a lot of saying as far as paint jobs are concerned either, with only gold models available at $95.99 a pop, while silver flavors will set you back an extra four bucks. Powered by an outdated Apple A9 processor, the iPhone SE should still be able to fulfill most day-to-day tasks rather efficiently, sporting a sharp screen with 326 ppi density and packing solid battery life despite its advanced age.

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2. miketer

Posts: 535; Member since: Apr 02, 2015

2016 phone for $100. And it's called a killer deal.

3. whatev

Posts: 2396; Member since: Oct 28, 2015

Can you tell us which android device from 2016 is running the latest version of android and is also supported in the latest games and apps? Please enlighten us

5. Alcyone

Posts: 533; Member since: May 10, 2018

That's an open ended question. Unofficially, no 2016 phone has the latest Android 10. But, if a person wants Android 10 on mid range or higher 2016, they can do it. Bootloaders can be unlocked, roms can be installed. Not a hard process for someone to do. Officially, tweaking an os for thousands of different phones is time consuming and costs cash. Developer comminities do it as a hobby. Ios is just vanilla plain across all models. Just not being official, doesn't mean it won't happen. Lol, I could even load it on my G Pro from 2013, if I wanted.

6. whatev

Posts: 2396; Member since: Oct 28, 2015

Yes, I’m gonna tell that to my grandmother, she’ll know for sure how to do that, she should get a 2016 android phone and try different roms

7. VasiliS7

Posts: 203; Member since: Jan 10, 2017

Different story. There are plenty of android devices in 100$ range that will take android 10. And these devices are not from 2016 but allnew 2019 models. So yes, my Galaxy A10 will take Android 10 in the near future and guess what. It has 110€.

8. whatev

Posts: 2396; Member since: Oct 28, 2015

So you’re comparing the A9 with the exynos 7884, you do know what you just said?

10. domfonusr

Posts: 1092; Member since: Jan 17, 2014

Yeah, and just in case you don't know what you are saying, here's an official comparison with benchmarks... Just in case you don't follow links, I'll paraphrase: the Apple A9 is a dual-core CPU clocked at right around 2GHz, based on 16nm semiconductors, while the Samsung Exynos 7884 is an octa-core CPU with big.LITTLE technology (2 cores at 1.6GHz, 6 cores at 1.35GHz), based on 14nm semiconductors, and with support for newer OpenGL and OpenCL protocol versions than the A9; and by the way, the Exynos is 33% less expensive than the A9, even though the Exynos gets 10% better overall performance in the benchmarks. And that's just from the brief summary... I'm sure the A9 is a worthy chipset for an iPhone user, but Samsung's Exynos 7884 is the better chipset right now. Yes, the Exynos has had the benefit of four years of advancements in technology since the A9 was brand new and top-of-the-line, but the Exynos 7884 (by no means the top-of-the-line chipset in our day) is now roughly 40% better than the A9, in the grand scheme of things.

4. Khyron

Posts: 399; Member since: Sep 28, 2015

It’s a deal If only will get iOS 14

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