Apple shares the latest mind-blowing iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 adoption numbers

Apple shares the latest mind-blowing iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 adoption numbers
If history is any indication (and it always is in these situations), we're probably roughly four months away from the official release of the first developer beta for the next big version of Apple's mobile operating system

After that, it should take the Cupertino-based tech giant no more than an additional three months or so to deliver stable iOS 15 goodies to a fairly lengthy list of eligible handsets, which means the company still has plenty of time to drive those iOS 14 adoption numbers up before they inevitably start to go down.

Incredibly enough, however, the latest OS build is already at 86 percent of all devices introduced in the last four years, as well as 80 percent of the general global total, according to official new figures published on Apple's dev-focused webpages. Measured by the App Store on February 24, those absolutely stunning shares are up from 81 and 72 percent respectively back on December 15, 2020.

That may not sound like very dramatic progress in the space of more than two months, but that's because iOS 14 got off to a tremendous start three months prior to that date, maintaining an incredible adoption rate between September and December of last year. 

In case you're wondering, iOS 13 was barely at the 77 percent four-year and 70 percent total marks around this time last year, jumping to 92 and 81 percent respectively by June 2020, which means iOS 14 should be able to easily exceed the two latter numbers by the time the first adventurous iPhone users will be allowed to try out iOS 15.

While slightly lower, Apple's iPadOS 14 adoption scores are nothing to sneeze at either, rising from 75 and 61 percent ahead of the holidays to 84 and 70 percent now, which also compares very favorably to the 79 and 57 percent shares hit by iPadOS 13 at the end of January 2020.

Obviously, there's no point trying to contrast these awe-inspiring figures with the abysmal Android 11 adoption scores on smartphones and especially tablets, but even if we thought the comparison was worth making (which it totally isn't), Google no longer offers us the opportunity to do that.

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