Which smartphone from the fall crop are you expecting the most?

Which smartphone from the fall crop are you expecting the most?
It's that calm-before-the-storm month of the year, when many exciting new phone announcements are ahead of us, as manufacturers are gearing up for the holiday season bonanza.

Just in a few short weeks we will be inundated with numerous unveilings of Android, iOS and Windows Phone handsets that will usher the mobile war in a new phase as we have the perfect storm this year - Apple's expected two-year iPhone redesign meets Google's most ambitious year to date with the Jelly Bean release and the fifth year of the Android brand, versus the wild card Microsoft with its Windows Phone 8 release and Nokia's first modern dual-core handsets with HD screens in tow.

That's why we decided to ask you which of the yet-unreleased but heavily rumored handsets that are bound to hit stores for the holidays are you anticipating the most? Is it the 6th generation iPhone, that will allegedly be the first LTE handset from Cupertino, and break the 3.5" screen barrier set for Apple's handsets since 2007?

Or maybe you are saving your pretty penny for the heir of the handset that carved the surprisingly successful "phablet" market niche - the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 with its rumored 5.5" high-res display

How about another long-awaited Android phone from a trusted maker - the Sony Xperia TX, or whatever it gets named, with its buttonless front and 13MP "stacked" camera sensor? 

Or maybe you are hoping that those LG and HTC monster phones with Snapdragon S4 Pro and Adreno 320 graphics that we found crushing the GL benchmarks will make it in time for the holiday shopping craze?

Moving on to the third horse in the race, are you holding your wallet tight until Windows Phone 8 that will finally allow Nokia to enter the modern flagship smartphone era with the rumored dual-core Nokia Phi with HD screen and LTE, although it's probably too early to hope it will sport PureView camera tech, despite the leaked Pure Phi and Pure Lambda codenames? 

Or you will bet on Samsung's manufacturing prowess with its own "Odyssey" WP8 handset, assumed to sport an HD Super AMOLED display and LTE connectivity? 

Checkmark your choice in the poll below and sound off your arguments in the comment section, with the caveat that all those names and pics are tentative, while the specs are rumored still.

Which smartphone from the fall crop are you expecting the most?

The sixth generation iPhone
Samsung Galaxy Note 2
Sony Xperia TX
LG E/LS970 "Eclipse" (Snapdragon S4 Pro and Adreno 320 graphics)
HTC 6435 (S4 Pro and Adreno 320)
Nokia Phi
Samsung "Odyssey" WP8 flagship

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