Five Nexus devices rumored to hit the market on November 5th, Android's 5th birthday

Five Nexus devices rumored to hit the market on November 5th, Android's 5th birthday
A reliable source for TalkAndroid says that Google is going to celebrate the 5th birthday of Android on November 5th by releasing five different Nexus devices from 5 different manufacturers. There is also speculation that by Thanksgiving (November 22nd), Google will be selling the devices in the Google Play Market. What makes this fascinating is the earlier speculation that the next Nexus would be powered by Android 5.0, Jelly Bean. There also has been some talk about a Nexus tablet to be released this year. This is one of those times when we clearly need to wait to hear from Google itself.

We've already passed on much of this information to you already, but now we have a better handle on when to expect the five Nexus devices to launch. Google I/O is going to be on June 27th which means we will probably learn a lot more then about what Google has in mind  in terms of the Nexus devices and Android 5.0. In case you're wondering when the last Nexus was released, it was October 18th when the Samsung GALAXY Nexus was launched after a one week delay. That's certainly close enough to November 5th for any conspiracy buff to believe the rumors.

source: TalkAndroid via MobileSyrup


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