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Verizon, T-Mobile and AT&T plan on offering Windows Phone 8 handsets

Verizon, T-Mobile and AT&T plan on offering Windows Phone 8 handsets
After Microsoft introduced Windows Phone 8 on Wednesday, PC Magazine checked in with the nation's top four carriers to see what their intentions are for the Windows Phone 8 OS. Three of the mobile operators were positive about adding Windows Phone 8 handsets to their lineup with Sprint being the lone holdout for now.

T-Mobile was brief and to the point. "T-Mobile is very bullish on Windows 8 and will be a partner at launch." AT&T added that it would, of course, be offering Windows Phone 8 handsets later this year. As the carrier reminded us, it was the first to offer a 4G LTE powered Windows Phone flavored handset. Verizon threw its hat into the ring as well, saying, "We have said publicly that we will support the Windows Phone 8 platform." Sprint's comment was non-committal. "We have a very strong relationship with our Microsoft partners, but we don’t comment on products and services not yet announced," said the nation's third largest carrier. Sprint has previously shown a lack of confidence in Windows Phone 7 despite requests from its customers to sell the phones. Sprint also has already committed $15.5 billion to the Apple iPhone.

T-Mobile, which offers the Nokia Lumia 710, might be the most gung ho about Microsoft's mobile OS. On its website, the carrier noted that while Android makes up the lion's share of 4G smartphones on its network, Windows Phone has offered its customers a "simple and addictive experience" and the Nokia Lumia 710 has constantly been among the carrier's top five handsets sold each month since it was launched this past January. T-Mobile says many of its first time smartphone users are selecting a Windows Phone model with 55% of those upgrading to the entry level Lumia model coming from a messaging or feature phone. The nation's fourth largest carrier adds that its customers are very happy with Windows Phone and the two features that they like the most are the Metro UI and its ease of use.source: PCMagazine, T-Mobile
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